Valentine’s Day Love… Kids, Pets & Family

By: Maureen Miller



Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with our loved ones and that includes our pets. There are plenty of great ways we can celebrate Valentine’s with our furry friends.

Do something active

Dogs especially will appreciate a nice long walk or a hike in the desert. Take the whole family and bring a camera to capture the fun. Your kitty may also enjoy some active time with a game of chase the feather. Whatever you do it will be special because you are doing it together.

Spoil them a little

Why not try your local pet bakery and get a special Valentine’s treat or better yet get the kids involved and look up a recipe for homemade pet treats. Pet treats are easy to make so they’re perfect for kids to help and inexpensive, which is good on your wallet. Your pet will love a delicious new biscuit or cupcake and even if it doesn’t turn out quite right, Fido won’t mind.

Enjoy a movie night

We can all use a little down time, so why not spend the night at home and enjoy your favorite animal movie (one of my favorites is Homeward Bound). You will appreciate some time to relax and your pet will be happy just to spend time with you.

Shop for a special gift

Has your dog torn the stuffing out of all his toys? Is your kitty playing with the lint from the dryer? Maybe it’s time for a new toy or two. Visit your local pet store and pick up a new ball or stuffed squirrel for your dog or a catnip filled toy for your cat. Then spend the day letting your pet enjoy their new gift.

Valentine’s Day Hazards

Finally be sure to keep your pets safe from potentially hazardous things this holiday. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats so keep your box of Valentine’s chocolates out of reach. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in some candy and gum that can be fatal for dogs so keep all sweets well hidden. Lilies are extremely dangerous for cats, you will want to remove them from any bouquet of flowers you receive. Also, rose thorns can cause injury so remove them from your stems.

Please keep the Pet Poison Helpline number on hand in case your beloved pet does get into any of these hazardous items: 800-213-6680.

Have a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Maureen Miller is the owner of Paws On Pet Sitting, a full service pet care business offering dog boarding, pet sitting and dog walking. She has many years of experience working with animals including rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals at Friends of the Sea Lion in Laguna Beach, CA. Maureen is the mother of three children and she lives with her family on a small horse ranch in New River, AZ.


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