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The Return of Kids Sports

When we were little, your parents probably told you to go outside and play soccer, shoot hoops or just do anything active. Now, years later kids need sports in their lives, probably more than ever.

We all know that participating in sports helps children develop self-confidence, sportsmanship, and motor skills, but this year the most important aspect may just be social.  According to the Nevada Health Response, a lack of opportunities for social connections and typical life events such as participating in athletic events are factors that increase risk of isolation, anxiety, depression, substance use, and unrecognized distress.

Safely returning to the field or court can be done; it is happening now, in fact. Venues that hosted
groups before the pandemic are taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures to confidently host groups in the age of COVID.  Rising Star Sports Ranch in Mesquite, Nevada is a perfect example.  The facility has focused many hours on implementing safety protocols so that kids can get back to doing what they love while providing one self-contained place for teams to stay, to play, and eat.

“We are committed to providing the environment to make great times and great memories on and off the field. We are a family business and we have had the same experiences, as many have, with sports being paused.  Traveling with our children for tournaments is something we not only look forward to, but also have been planning for,” said Andre Carrier, CEO Rising Star Sport Ranch.

Carrier goes on, “We have spoken with organizers, families, and competitors, and we are excited to welcome them back to our unique destination that provides 15 fields and courts within minutes of the hotel, as well as a Backyard for down time, complete with basketball courts, horseshoes, and firepits.”

With venues such as the Rising Star Sports Ranch following CDC recommendation, parents and coaches can be reassured that hotel policies like masks for guests and employees, plexiglass barriers at check-in, elevated sanitation of public areas and hotel rooms, and daily employees health screenings are all in place to keep everyone safe while being able to enjoy the things they love.

Written by: Rising Star Sports Ranch

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