Highlights November 2020

Your Table is Ready: Organ Stop Pizza

Opened in 1975 at the corner of Dobson and Southern in Mesa, Organ Stop Pizza has become a must visit experience for families all across the Phoenix area. With the biggest and best Organ Stop Pizza Mighty Wurlitzer in the world, this is a must visit family dining destination for any family.

When you walk into, you’re greeted by a friendly staff who guides you to the counter to order your food. Whether you build-your-own or order one of their specialties, there is sure to be a pizza for everyone. Not craving pizza? Organ Stop has a variety of pastas, sandwiches and appetizers to choose from. (If you’re a fan of friend mushrooms, they has some very tasty ones.) After ordering your food, head over to the drink counter to get your choice of beverage, including a few choices of draft beer. Once your food is ready (you’ll know when you see your number on the bingo board light up), get ready to enjoy some very tasty food.

But it’s when you are finished ordering where the magic begins. Walking in to the main hall, you’re greeted by a huge two-story open dining area with Organ Stop’s world famous Wurlitzer Organ featured prominently in the center. Sitting on a raised platform that elevates and descends at the beginning and end of each performance, the organ and organist can be seen by everyone.

The great thing about the place is that when you walk into the dining hall, you are walking in to the organ, literally. Lining the walls of are different instruments adding to the great music being played by the organ. Cymbals, dancing cats, everywhere you look there is something to see that accompanies the music. There Speaking of the music, the organist plays a wide range of music sure to get everyone up on their feet to dance. And it’s a lot of fun.

Playing a variety of hits spanning decades, every song is guaranteed to get you moving and singing along. And that’s really the joy – the fun you have as a family while visiting. With so much going on in the world (and they do a great job making sure guests are safe and socially distanced), Organ Stop Pizza provides a wonderful, and tasty, opportunity to relax and have fun with your family.

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