April 2021 Highlights

Family Game Time: Gravitrax

Looking for a great game that everyone in the house can enjoy? Introducing Gravitrax, it’s a great game for anyone who want to either have fun or learn something while playing a game.

If you are looking for something educational for you or your children to play, we definitely recommend this game.

The game is split into 3 different things that you can do:

1.Free Play: This is where build your own tracks with the given pieces.

2. Construction: You have your own designs following a series of instructions to learn what each piece does and not have to worry about the creative side of thinking.

3. Problem-solving: This one will give you part of the system and then you have to figure out what pieces go where. After you set up the track, you just use one of the pieces to send the marbles down.

There are currently 2 main games, one that moves horizontally and one that moves vertically. While the differences between the two are slim, there are some. In the horizontal game, as the name suggests, the marbles move in more of a horizontal direction and there isn’t much height to each track. The vertical based version has a lot of height, and not much horizontal movement. The vertical tracks tend to be more compact rather than using then whole play space like the horizontal tracks. If you’re worried about mess sizes, these games don’t create much of it.

While the horizontal games may be messier, it is still a clean process to play the game with pieces being big enough to where you never really lose a piece or a pet won’t be able to swallow it easily. Both games also come with their own expansions with new pieces, puzzles, and ways to play the game. In my opinion, these games are great. They are easy to learn, easy to play, easy to clean up, and easy to use. While playing, we easily lost track of time due to how much fun we were having. My brother and I played without fighting, which is a major feat for us!

This game is one of those games that it’s fun to play by yourself and sometimes even more fun to play with someone. For me, the vertical based game was a lot more fun. This is because the game itself is bigger. This is due to a bit of a set up required to play the game. With this, you use smaller pieces to make bigger one and never take them apart. In the vertical one, you also have tracks and pieces that are suspended in air making the track a lot more fun to build and watch.

All in all, I recommend this game for anyone who just wants something to do in their free time to have fun and relax, or to let your kids play for a bit to learn something.

Written by: A.C. Pahia, High School Freshman

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