Highlights November 2020

Family Game Night: Travel Through Time

In this month’s Family Game Night, we travel through time and cruise down a river for a fun family night.

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time: Great Scott! For fans of the Back to the Future film franchise, this game is a must play. It’s up to you and three other players to stop Biff as he stole the DeLorean and he’s traveling through. You and your teammates need to work together, hopping through time and reliving key scenes from the film series. It’s up to you to find key items and return them to their proper years. When all the items are returned to their right place and right year, you win. All the while, Biff is roaming around different timelines, ready to stop you. If the OUTATIME marker reaches the “game over” space, you and your team lose.

What makes Back to the Future fun is the strategy needed in working with your team. This is a dice based game, so your actions depend on what you roll and act like currency. With the game board separated by year, you spend dice to perform different actions, such as moving to a different timeline or moving to a different space. By working with your team, you’re able to stop Biff.

And this is where the fun is. In communicating (well, maybe laughing and having a blast is a better way to put it) with your team is a

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is recommended for 2 – 4 players ages 10+ and is available now.

Jungle Cruise Adventure Game: Based on the beloved Disney attraction, Jungle Cruise pits you and up to three others in an adventure game set on a dangerous river. Be the first one down the river to the Jungle Navigation Company Headquarters with the highest score, and you win,

Each player is given a boat on the game board and a card to represent their boat. It’s up to the player to make it down the river, navigating the dangerous waters while keeping passengers safe (or picking up passengers other players lose), while also collecting cargo and tips along the way. Fill your boat up with the best combination of items and you win.

The passengers are made up of four different families. One of them has been chosen to lead the headquarters while the owners are out. But you don’t know which family it is. Scattered across the board are clues to help you figure out which family is the right one.

But there are dangers along the way. Jungle encounters affect different parts of the boat and having varying levels of danger. Helping you out are special navigation cards and skipper specialties to assist you.

We had a lot of fun with this game, especially as we were able to relive some of our favorite memories of the actual ride, with puns and all. For Disney fans, this is a definite must play.

Jungle Cruise Adventure Game is recommended for 2 – 4 players ages 8+ and is available now.

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