December 2020 Highlights

Family Game Night: The Princess Bride

This month’s look at a great board game for the whole family gives us insight into The Princess Bride. With the magic of the holidays and families creating new stories every day, now is the perfect time to play one of the most cherished and beloved stories of all time. From Ravensburger comes the The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game, the perfect game to play as a family during the holidays.

Just as books are separated by chapters, The Princess Bride tells its game across six chapters, each with it’s own game board (cleverly laid out in a book style, where each “page” is a different chapter and game board.) 1 to 4 players work cooperatively to complete challenges and move the story forward. Rather than each player picking one character, players control the characters based on their chapter. And just like the movie, expect one or two interruptions from the grandson.

Just like the movie, The Princess Bride game takes place in the locations everyone knows. The Cliffs of Insanity, the Fire Swamp, you can even Have Fun Storming the Castle. What makes The Princess Bride so much fun is the story, and of course the memories it brings back from the movie. Our family had a blast quoting our favorite lines while playing each chapter. And working towards the end was truly magical for us.

And that’s the charm of this game, just how much fun it is to play as a family. This game effortlessly captures the magic of the movie and translates it into the perfect family holiday game night.

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