February 2021 Highlights

Family Game Night: Fun With Sketches

From USAOPOLY, makers of some of your all-time favorite family games, comes Telestrations, the classic game of telephone in sketch pad form. And just like USAOPOLY’s other classic games, such as Clue and Monopoly, Telestrations is sure to become a new family favorite.

The goal of the game is simple, guess what you see drawn. Players start by drawing a card with 6 choices. A die is rolled, and whichever number comes up, players will start by writing the word then sketching a drawing representing that word. Once time is up, the players sketch pad goes to the next person. This is where things start getting fun. The next player needs to guess the word based on the previous players drawing. But then that player passes the sketch pad to the next player, who then has to sketch a drawing based on the new guess word. Play continues until the sketch pad goes back to its original player.

The end results are completely hilarious and a ton of fun. Designed for 4 to 8 players, the more players there are, the more hilarious the results are. USAOPOLY has done a great job of updating the classic game of telephone. The addition of sketch pads can make for some great drawings and guesses, sure to keep families entertained for hours.

If you’d like, the game can be played in a competitive manner, with points awarded for correct guesses, matching the word and for drawing. But what’s great is that while the game can be played competitively, it wasn’t designed that way. As the manual says, “Did you have fun? Well, then you’ve won!” While so many games have a winner, Telestrations is refreshing in that it is just fun, and makes for a great family game night.

Telestrations is available now. To learn more about the game, click here.

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