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Family Game Night: Escape the Night

Family game night is here and there is new board game that just came out that I absolutely love, called, “Escape the Night The Board Game.”

This game is based on the YouTube original series created by Joey Graceffa, Escape the Night. It is one of the longest running YouTube original shows with 4 seasons. In the show, 10 Youtubers are all invited to a dinner, but they must kill each other off to keep themselves alive. The same concept is applied to the board game. This game can be played with 1-11 people, so it is great for those who just want to play by themselves and for those who want to play it as a party game.

You start with 11 characters and distribute them amongst the players. Players will be able to play as more than one character, making the game last a bit longer than others. Players use the character they are playing as to collect SAE (Society Against Evil) tokens that are on the board, then defeat a monster or solve the clue that was there. Once all SAE tiles in a room are gone, an artifact can be collected. Collecting an artifact will trigger an event from the mysterious man. On the 10th round, all hell breaks loose, and you go around doing as much as you can.

The game ends when all artifacts are collected and all living players are in the seance circle, or when time runs out. In between that all are death challenges. Once all players have used all the characters, a death challenge starts. Players will vote for the characters that they do not want in the game anymore, and the two characters with the most votes will go into the death challenge. Then one of those characters dies and cannot come back into the game without a relic. Relics are obtained in several ways, one of them is solving a clue or defeating a monster with a level of 9 or higher.

This game, while looks complicated, is an extremely simple game to learn and paly. The set up takes a while, but to is worth it in the end. This game started as a kickstarter, and was fully funded in less than 3 hours, so you can see that this game got a lot of love from its supporters.

I hope you will check out this great game, as it easily became one of my favorite games I have ever played!

Written by: A.C. Pahia, High School Freshman

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