Beauty Tips for the Wedding Day!

By: A Wild Hair Salon & Spa Staff

More often than not at a wedding, it’s all eyes on the bride. With that in mind, every bride wants to ensure she is looking and feeling her absolute best when the big day arrives. These bridal beauty tips will have you looking your beautiful best on your big day.

Never start a new beauty regimen right before your wedding. This goes for skin and hair care. If you are going to start a beauty regimen, you should do it four months in advance giving your skin and hair time to adjust to the change. Right before your wedding you are under lots of stress and that can make your skin act crazy. That includes diet and exercise. Eating a well- balanced diet does wonders for your skin and hair. Just a side note, extreme calorie deprivation diets can make your hair fall out and your skin break-out. Keep that in mind when you are hoping to lose weight for your event.

Never change hair color or cut right before your wedding. Because you are under lots of stress planning a wedding making a decision to drastically change your haircut or color right before your wedding is not a good idea. Better to plan ahead for a look you want and try it well in advance of your wedding.

Beautiful Make Up

Practice makes perfect. It is always recommended that you get an appointment well in advance of your wedding with the makeup artist and the hair stylist that will create your look for your special day. This is your chance to be honest and communicate clearly what you want. The day of your wedding you will not be in the right frame of mind to be honest and clear. Take a picture when you get the right look and make sure you have it available that day. Make sure you spray tan yourself before your makeup practice if you plan on having a spray tan on your wedding day. That will assist the professional in being able to pick correct colors for you.

Party at your own risk. It is always recommended that you get a good night’s rest the day before your wedding. Your skin will look more hydrated and luminescent if it is well-rested. Alcohol is very dehydrating and can make skin look sallow and dry. Leave the partying for the week before your wedding.


Spa treatments can be risky. Although we know that facials can be super relaxing before a stressful event like a wedding, remember that treatments like peels, waxing and corrective facials can be an invitation for your skin to purge. That may not be the ideal look for your wedding. Some things that can happen when you are under stress and your skin is not at optimal strength are breakouts, ingrown hairs, skin rash and peeling. Opt for massages, pedicures and manicures. We always recommend waxing one week before your wedding and facials at least three weeks before your wedding.

Eyelashes or no eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are the latest great trend in eyelashes. They can make your eyes look big and amazing the day of your wedding. If you decide to use extensions it is recommended that you get them one month before the event so you can test them out making sure you don’t have an allergic reaction and ensuring the right length and fullness. If you are opting for glue on lashes make sure you wear them a couple times before the event to test for the same issues.

Hair extensions or natural. Many women decide that they want that long beautiful flowing hair the day of their wedding. You may want a hairstyle like a side sweeping ponytail that requires more bulk. Before you go out and spend lots of money on a full head of extensions, check out the beauty supply stores for clip-ins. They have really come a long way. Your hairstylist should be able to clip them in naturally and give you a beautiful style.

Spray me beautiful. A spray tan will warm up your skin and give you that fresh from vacation glow. You can do a booth spray tan or have a person professionally apply the tan. Both ways will give you a rich color. Just remember a tan develops from a chemical called DHA. It naturally reacts with your skins melanin to tan you. The higher the percent of DHA the richer the color. You will only tan as dark as you naturally would if you stayed in the sun.


If you are going to do a booth spray tan, you will need to practice as it can get tricky learning exactly how much lotion and protective cream you need on feet and hands. Dry skin grabs color quick and uneven. If you choose to have it professionally applied the professional will know exactly how to apply the color so it looks natural and clean. We always recommend spraying the day before your event leaving time to wash off the guide color. Also protect nails that are light or natural colored by putting heavy lotion on the nail beds.

Do it yourself. Can’t afford a make-up artist or a hairstylist to create your look. No problem. Most places will do free makeup lessons if you buy product. Some salons will even do lessons at a reduced rate. Your hairstylist would most certainly show you how to fix your hair. Have a friend come with and have your stylist teach her. There are many resources out there to learn beauty looks. Although we recommend using a professional, we understand it’s not always in the budget!

Keep it simple. We polled our friends and professionals and they all agreed less is more. That goes for make-up, hair, and overall look.


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