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Youth Athletics & The Benefits Of Soft Tissue Recovery

By: Trisha Haws and Brynn Martin

Youth sports are getting more and more competitive with year round clubs and individualized training. Students are competing for titles, scholarships and ultimately their future. Often, soft tissue recovery for many athletes is highly underestimated and certainly in youth and high school athletics. With the amount of stress that is put on a young athlete’s body, massage therapy and recovery techniques can no longer be discounted.

Young Athletes

A massage therapist can assess soft tissue that could be limiting an athlete’s ability to perform at their best. For instance, if an athlete has limitations in their tissue this can result in a loss of strength and speed. Healthy muscles rely on healthy space in order to perform at their best. With repetitive activities and drills, certain muscle groups are shortened, fatigued and weakened as a result of this repetition. For example, a quarterback is using specific muscles every time he throws the football. Those specific muscles will be tighter and therefore weaker. A massage therapist can target those areas with the goal of lengthening and opening up space so that the muscle can perform at its ideal capacity.

When consistent, massage therapy is also a technique used to prevent future injury. Massage therapy adds stability to the muscle. A cross-country runner is putting in a lot of miles with daily workouts and competitions. With these miles and activity, the muscles are strengthened. However, in order to strengthen, there are certain chemical reactions that occur in order to trigger other reactions and signals in the strengthening process. These chemical reactions leave chemicals and waste in the tissue. Without proper treatment and flushing, these chemicals compound over time and can eventually damage tissue. Receiving regular massage therapy is crucial in order to ensure that the tissue is regularly cleansed and maintained and therefore, preventing injury. Clean healthy muscles with ideal space for movement can ensure that the muscles have a healthy environment for stability and performance.

Young Athletes

Additionally, there are recovery techniques that Movement Restoration offers that can add similar benefits as massage therapy. Such recovery techniques are hydro-therapy in a cold tub. Utilizing a cold tub and contrasting with warm water is great in promoting circulation and reducing inflammation. Movement Restoration also offers dynamic compression, which also aids in circulation to move all the chemicals that settle into the tissue after long hard practices or games. These techniques are offered at an affordable rate and a great way to offset massage therapy.

As a parent to a young athlete you can also help them build healthy soft tissue habits. Encouraging them to utilize dynamic stretching pre workout or game. Also, stretching after is just as important and reminding them to stay hydrated. Lastly, investing in a foam roller or other self-myofascial release tools can be helpful. Incorporating one or some form of recovery and massage into youth athletics will prepare an athlete for game day on and off the field!

Movement Restoration

About Movement Restoration
Movement Restoration is the realization of co-founders Trisha Haws’ and Brynn Martin’s passion for helping individuals enhance overall health and quality of life through massage + movement. Trisha’s background includes more than 15 years of hands-on massage therapy experience within chiropractic and wellness practices, award-winning resorts and spas,and elite training facilities catering to professional athletes. In addition to treating her extensive list of clients at Movement Restoration, Trisha is also sought after by resorts, spas and others in the industry to develop new massage protocols and train staff on her signature Movement Restoration massage treatments.

Trisha’s business partner and co-founder Brynn Martin has been instrumental in the development and growth of Movement Restoration. Brynn directs the day-to-day operations, manages sales and marketing activities, promotional programs and client and customer service. Since 2006, the entrepreneurial duo have successfully assembled a talented team of licensed and certified massage therapists is dedicated to educating clients about the benefits of integrating massage, exercise and activities into their everyday lives. The result: enhanced movement, healthy circulation and natural clarity.


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