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The Virtual Mama Connection

In today’s world, connecting with others has turned to virtual for most relationships. Julie Sullivan Fields, aka Jules the Doula, has been providing emotional and physical support to Valley women during their journey to motherhood.

Jules recognizes childbirth as a key experience in a woman’s life and is honored to be part of that passage before, during and after the baby is born. This holds especially true as some of her services for moms-to-be were altered to virtual when COVID-19 changed the way we were interacting with family and friends back in March.

“All my mamas were struggling at home,” Jules said. “They were feeling isolated. COVID was rampant at that time and they couldn’t have their families come in and celebrate the baby like we normally would.”

Jules needed to do something to lift their spirits and started The Virtual Mamma Connection.

“The light bulb went off in my head and that little switch went, ‘I’m going to connect everybody and bring about education on certain things, so that we can all stay connected,’” Jules said.

What started off as a once-a-week Zoom call for an hour to learn, talk or just listen about navigating the world of motherhood, has now turned into five days a week.

“We’re educating women on what you can do,” Jules said. “Why is it necessary? Why it’s important?”

Each one-hour zoom call is different for the women who are logging on to The Virtual Mama Connection every week. One day they could be listening to a specialist give them tips on healthy sleeping habits for their baby and the next be doing a fitness class or yoga.

Jules wants to offer the group a variety of tools that can help them in every aspect of their life.

“They all love it,” Jules said. “In fact, I had a mom who sent me a text and said, ‘I wanted to thank you for facilitating The Virtual Mama Connection group on Zoom. I have been listening in for the last few months and it has been such a blessing through these crazy times.’”

The other nice thing about this group is moms don’t always have to show their face or talk when joining the call.

“They might have a screaming baby in the background, but they’re still connected,” Jules said. “I just feel like the group and network is growing and it’s growing because the women need it.”

Jules recently made The Virtual Mama Connection a nonprofit so that women can continue to access this free resource of education and connection. There should never be a reason that anyone shouldn’t be able to gain education, connection or mind-body awareness because of financial hardship.

“We’re the lifeline to women and families everywhere and it can be everywhere because it’s virtual,” Jules said.

Just because the way we interact has changed for the time being, doesn’t mean you can’t still bond with those you care about.

“They’re connected and they’re learning something together and now they have a dialogue even if their grandma can’t come into the house,” Jules said. “You can be like, ‘Oh yeah, remember what we just learned on The Virtual Mama Connection.’”

If interested in being part of The Virtual Mama Connection, go to the Jules the Doula website to subscribe here.

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