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Valley Couple Puts Focus on Fitness, Family & Fun

This time of year, families start to take a look at activities they can do together to stay active and adding fitness into their lives. Here in the valley there are many ways of doing that and for some families, activity is a family business!

Meet Kristen and Brett Stewart, creators and founders of Adv. Fit, Adventure Fitness, which is an Event Production company. Kristen Stewart says, “We organize obstacle courses for school fundraisers, corporate teambuilding, and 5k’s for charities.” What began as simply a local Phoenix business has expanded to all over the U.S.

Adventure and fitness has been in Brett’s blood for much of his life. Brett was a one-time contestant on American Ninja Warrior in 2014 and that was an inspiration to him and wife, Kristen to bring fun and fitness to people of all ages. Then, a year later, their daughter’s school had a fun-run fundraiser, keeping 50% of the donations for themselves. The couple decided they could definitely do better, “we built kid-friendly obstacles and decided to charge a fair price to the school so that they could keep the majority of their donations.” Adv. Fit was created from that point. Thanks to referrals, word-of-mouth from friends, the pair’s idea took off. Adv. Fit was able to branch out from just working with schools to working with charities and corporations as well.

Another passion of Kristen and Brett’s is promoting mud and obstacle runs for people in different communities. Brett even wrote a book about their passion and started a website, mudrunguide.com, that too this day is still the largest website in the world for the OCR, Obstacle Course Race series.

For Kristen and Brett, it isn’t just about setting up courses and offering fun-runs, it is about family and building relationships. “Our 5k fun run/walks and family friendly obstacle courses allow parents and kids to participate together. Our corporate teambuilding obstacles events are a great way for coworkers to have a fun and challenging day together, outside of the office setting,” says Kristen. “All age kids love the obstacle course as a fundraiser, from Kindergarten all the way up to college!”

Running the programs has benefits far beyond just fitness, for the Stewarts, it is about much more. “We get to organize events for all different kids of people, meet people of all ages and different athletic abilities. We love helping people out at local charities and we are always inspired by the generosity of others.”

Adv. Fit isn’t the only sports-related activity for the Stewart family. Brett and Kristen play on an co-
ed indoor soccer team at Arizona Sports Complex in the north valley and Vivi plays in the kids’ league. Sports is a family affair all around. They enjoy walking and biking together, Brett enjoys running and Kristen enjoys weight training and gym classes.

While the couple enjoys being together actively and with the business, it can present its challenges. “It definitely can be stressful at times, especially working in the same office together” says Kristen. “I’m the organized one and Brett is the creative one, so sometimes our ideas and priorities can clash. We try to have time to ourselves, I go to the gym and Brett goes for a run. We often have meetings outside of the office as well.”

For the Stewart family, Adv.Fit is just that – family. It is a family run business, as Vivi Kristen’s sister Julie and family and friends all help to set up the courses and races. The support and help they receive from all around is what keeps them going and helps them working to push forward and grow their dream.

Adv. Fit is fun for everyone, of all ages and athletic types and as we near the holiday season, it is a great time to create lasting memories- whether it be a school fundraiser, corporate event, fun for a family reunion or more! For more information on Kristen & Brett Stewart, as well as Adv. Fit, log onto http://adv.fitfor a closer look at all the cool stuff they are doing.

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