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Upgrade Your Home With These 2021 Spring Design Trends

When it comes to home design, it can be like fashion, styles and trends are always changing. In the world of remote work, where people are spending more time at home than ever, design trends have shifted even more. While some of the trends may be temporary, many are here to stay. Members of the American Society of Interior Designers are busier than ever remodeling and re-designing homes to fit the new needs of families. Here are some spring home design trends we are seeing, and ways you can upgrade your space to make it feel brand new.

Closing off open concept areas

Dating back to the 1970s, open concept floor plans have remained a popular trend, with kitchen, dining and living spaces all in one room. Because of the pandemic, more and more people are working from home, resulting in many looking for ways to close off their open spaces for more privacy. We have seen homeowners adding temporary partitions between rooms, putting up glass walls and even building permanent walls. A great way to section off your space quickly is by rearranging your furniture to imitate separate rooms. Having your furniture point away from the kitchen and towards other areas to create a seemingly closed-off space, can give the illusion of a more private floor plan.

Upgrading outdoor spaces

As we settle into spring, upgrade your outdoor space to relax and unwind outside of the walls you’ve been staring at all day. Putting in comfortable seating like a hanging hammock, or chairs with bright decorative pillows can easily make the area feel brand new. Adding luxury amenities like a tabletop fire pit makes the space comfortable during the colder months, and including candles scented with citronella and rosemary keeps the bugs at bay while adding ambient lighting. Seasonal plants can also upgrade your outdoor space, all while adding bright colors and greenery. If you are looking for more privacy, try hanging linen around your seating area to block others (and the sun) from seeing your patio while still being able to enjoy the outdoor air.

Garage transformations

We’ve worked with many homeowners who have decided to transform their garages and storage sheds into an office, home-gym or living area.  Putting up a mirror and adding mats, weights and gym equipment can turn your garage into a new workout space. If you’re working from home, try using the space as a new office by adding lighting, comfortable chairs, a desk and file storage. Not enough room around the house for your kids to play? Transform your garage into a playroom for your kids or add a ping pong table to make it a game room for the whole family. There are endless ways to transform your garage into a more usable space and doing so can give your home a brand-new feel.

If you are interested in getting design help from a professional, you’re in luck. The Arizona North chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers is hosting their Interior Designer for Hire program now through April 30. The program matches homeowners with local designers in their area for a consultation at a reduced rate. A one-hour consultation is $99 and a two-hour is $175, with virtual consultations available by request. To learn more about the Interior Designer for Hire program, contact the chapter administrator at info@azn.asid.org or 602-569-8916.

Written by: Jennifer Biffer, American Society of Interior Designers

Jennifer Biffer is a professional interior designer, realtor, mom to identical twins boys and member of Arizona North Chapter of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). ASID advances the interior design profession and communicates the impact of design on the human experience. We collaborate with others to promote the value of interior design. We prepare our members to excel in a dynamic and evolving profession. We generate, collect and disseminate applied knowledge.

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