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The Troubles with Finding Child Care

There’s a growing demand for quality child care professionals, including here in Arizona.

Researchers say automation will affect nearly 50 percent of American jobs in the next 20 years, but child care jobs will not be among them. It’s a great profession—working with children provides a rewarding career path that provides flexible hours for anyone.

In state after statereport after report—the song remains the same: Parents are having difficulty finding care for their children. The era where one parent stays home with the kids is long gone and the supply of childcare just can’t keep up with the current demand.

About half of all Americans live in what’s called a “child-care desert” — a place where the demand for childcare exceeds the supply of in-center care spots by three to one.

This low demand is also an opportunity for qualified in-home child-care workers. In a recent study, Care.com—the world’s largest online marketplace for family care—looked at these child-care deserts and found a “job oasis”: 66 cities with a high demand, and high salary, for in-home child caregivers.

The study also found that a child-care job oasis exists in places you’d least expect; Hartford, CT ($19.05/hr), Springfield, IL ($17.11/hr), and Sunnyvale, CA ($17.77/hr), to name a few.

In 23 out of 50 states, in-home child caregivers can now make more than $15 per hour. And in nine of the job-oasis cities, Care.com studied—including Atlanta, GA, and Austin, TX—the average wage for child-care workers is double that city’s minimum wage.

This trend is likely to continue. Nationwide, the weekly rate for nannies has risen over $100 over the past five years.

For people who are considering entering the child care field, here are four tips to make the most of your opportunity:

  1. Network

Once you know you’d like to become a nanny or babysitter, let friends, family, and neighbors know. Don’t be afraid to put your name out there and  reach out to experienced caregivers to get advice. You can even find jobs in your area through online sites, like Care.com.

  1. Share Your Passions and Skills

Do you have special skills? Make sure you include those in your resume and online profile. These attributes are part of your brand and could be just what a family is looking for. If you have positive references from families you’ve worked for, make sure to include those. Surveys have shown that families are willing to pay more for quality caregivers who have additional skills, such as early-education degrees or the ability to teach a second language.

  1. Be Prepared

Show how professional you are by responding promptly and arriving on time, whether you’re responding to job posts, interviewing for a job, or arriving for your first day. This shows you have respect for the parent’s scheduleand that you’re reliable.

  1. Go the Extra Mile

Giving parents a play by play of the day is a surefire way to make sure they know how serious and responsible you are. Over time, you can show parents that you’re really invested in the job with activities you know the children will love. These sincere efforts will shine positively on you.

Written by: Connie Fong, V.P. Brand at Care.com

Connie Fong

Connie Fong is currently the Vice President, Brand at Care.com, the world’s largest online platform for families to find care for their loved ones and for caregivers to find jobs. She previously led the Customer Engagement Marketing team at Care.com, inclusive of CRM, Product Marketing and Brand Creative teams. Prior to joining Care.com, Connie led digital marketing acquisition and retention teams at Sephora, in addition to leading omni-channel business development and content strategy initiatives.

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