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Top Jobs in 2017 for Working Moms in North Phoenix

By: Laura LaVoie

As we slide gracefully into a new year, it’s sometimes hard to focus on necessities that will be facing us once the calendar page turns to 2017. Working mothers, and those who are looking to get back into the workforce, may be wondering what is in store in the job market this coming year.

Your specific job search will, of course, depend on your past experience and transferable skills. Just because you’ve always held one job title doesn’t mean it’s the only role you’re qualified to perform. Look at industries and jobs that interest you and look at ways your skills can apply.

A top priority for moms is also quality of work/life balance and the ability for an employer to be flexible. North Phoenix has plenty of employers who welcome moms into their workforce and will work with them to create a job and schedule that best suits their needs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top industries for 2017.

Green Energy

Arizona is a leader in green energy technology, and these companies will have needs far beyond the engineering and technology. Regardless of the type of position you’re looking for, you may find something within this industry. Specializations in green energy include environmental scientists and engineers, green building professionals, and water and agricultural specialists. There is also a need for marketing and social media management for green energy companies.

learning to solve puzzlesOccupational Therapy

If you’ve always wanted to work one-on-one with others, occupational therapy gives you that opportunity. Occupational therapy is different from physical therapy. It helps individuals re-learn how to do basic tasks after surgery or injury. Occupational therapy assistants are also in high demand, so with some training you can join this field in an entry level position.

Data Analysis

Big data is changing the way area corporations are interfacing with their own information systems. With some knowledge of computer science and a drive to continue learning, you may find yourself in the world of data analysts. Other technology based jobs are also in high demand around the Phoenix area, so pursuing specializations like information security and medical technology would also be beneficial for someone looking for top jobs next year.

Personal Finance

Accounting will be an industry that is always in demand, and that is completely true for Phoenix and the surrounding areas. One of the top needs in financfinancial-plannere for the coming year will be personal financial planning. As individuals are wondering how to properly invest and save for the future, they will turn to experts. If you’re good with money and numbers, and like to help people, there are certifications you can take to become a financial planner.

Are you looking for a new position in 2017? Career consulting companies, like VincentBenjamin, can work with you to find an opportunity that fits your schedule, skills, and interests this year.

Laura LaVoie

Laura M. LaVoie is full-time freelance writer specializing in recruiting, employment, resume writing, interviewing, and management. Prior to transitioning her career in 2012, she spent 15 years as a recruiter in the temporary staffing industry focusing on engineering, sales, administrative support, and more. As a blogger, she creates quality content to track changes and trends for upscale, leading recruiting firms like VincentBenjamin.

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