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Tips to Avoid the Summer Time Job Blues

As the school year is coming to an end, high school and college students are now entering into the North Phoenix job market. But how can you ensure success when you have little experience finding a professional job? Let’s take a look at the ways young people can make the right connections in our community and find jobs to help them grow and develop.

You may not think you have much of a network, but you would be wrong. You may not have a lot of direct business associates, but your parents and other professionals in your community do. Don’t limit yourself. Talk with your teachers or professors, coaches, extended family, and your friends’ families about your interests and what you would like to learn to help build your future career. Find out who they know and express interest in learning, not just an interest in getting a paycheck.

You can also use your summer as an opportunity to learn how to be in the service industry. Regardless of your ultimate career path, service can teach you a lot about patience and the customer mindset. Some companies are well known for customer service opportunities. You can also reach out to small, locally-owned businesses to see if they need help for the summer. Retail or restaurant jobs are good exposure to the business world and can push you out of your comfort zone to engage with customers. Learning how to successfully deal with different types of customers and people, are skills that will serve you during your long-term career.

An internship is a great opportunity to get exposed to your interests in a formalized business environment and to be rewarded by either pay or class credit. Find out if your school has any partnerships with businesses in your chosen field. You can also search job boards for internships and if you are not having any luck, be proactive and reach out to local businesses to let them know you are interested in working with them as an intern. Internships help you understand the realities of a chosen career path and look great on resumes.

Tips For Success
Write down a list of goals you want to achieve for the summer and create a timeline. Visualization is a proven technique to achieve what you want.

Practice your handshake and eye contact. It may make your feel silly, but employers area looking for confidence, so the practice will pay off. Pay attention to your body language. Nervousness can make us avoid eye contact or feel clammy, and you don’t want either one to happen when it matters most.

Leave your phone in the car, or at least turn it off, when you’re interviewing. You need to be present with the interviewer and a ringing, or vibrating, cell phone will send a message that you’re not paying attention.

Are you ready to get a job in the north Phoenix area this summer? The employment experts at VincentBenjamin can give you the tools you need to find the right opportunity in IT or Accounting Finance now and in the future.

Written by: Samantha Arce

Samantha Arce is an accomplished corporate recruiter and LinkedIn influencer. Samantha thrives in her ability to network through understanding people’s perspective and truly engaging her people’s passions and interests. She has most recently been an integral part of the internal growth for VincentBenjamin, one of the fastest growing privately held staffing firms in the US.

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