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Taking Care of Your Skin This Summer

Summer is here so we all spend more time in the sun enjoying the lovely weather and outdoor activities. However, this extra sun exposure comes with a price… accelerated aging and increased risk for skin cancer. So what can we do to have our cake and eat it too? Fortunately there are several excellent options to turn back the hands of time depending on the amount of sun damage you have acquired.

For everyone, no matter your age, prevention is the key and this means sunscreen. Not all sunscreens are created equal. For daily use on face, neck, and chest I recommend a mineral based oil free sunscreen that won’t block your pores like the one from Image cosmeceuticals. This sunscreen has many benefits. It comes in 30 SPF and up, is great for acne prone skin and it is an excellent morning moisturizer.  If you are looking for body sunscreen Consumer Reports released their 2018 list of best sunscreens. This list is available free online or in our Advanced Image Medical Spa office.

If you have already have sun spots or wrinkling you have several great options to give you a clean slate. For brown spots, dilated blood vessels, or enlarged pores photo facials are the perfect remedy. I love BBL (broad band light) technology from Sciton lasers. This technology allows our technicians to be more aggressive than older IPL technology while being equally as safe. This translates to faster resolution of your uneven skin tone and fewer treatments. This is considered a no down time treatment and feels like a quick rubber band snaping.

If you have fine to deep wrinkling then microneedling or laser resurfacing are the treatments for you. Medical microneedling is not your at home skin roller. This device causes controlled damage by making hundreds of tiny holes in the face causing new undamaged skin to form. Sounds painful, but actually this treatment is minimally painful.  We use a powerful medical grade numbing cream and we can improve the results by adding growth factor from Biopelle or PRP (a component of your own blood with healing properties). This treatment has only minimal downtime (1-2 days of minimal redness) and is generally done in a series of 3-6.

If you have Laser resurfacing can have anywhere from 3-10 days downtime, depending on the depth of the treatment needed, but generally only requires 1-2 treatments. After any of these treatments it is important to maintain your results with cosmeceutical or biologic grade skin care. We offer complimentary consultations to our patients so that we can customize a treatment plan based on each patients individual goals and unique skin care concerns. These treatments are safe and effective in properly trained hands but can be dangerous if performed by someone inexperienced. Do your research and make sure your laser technician has the proper education and is supervised by a physician that is on-site and specializes in aesthetics.

Written by: Dr. Jennessa Iannitelli

Jannessa Iannitelli

Dr. Jennessa Iannitelli owns and operates Advanced Image Med Spa in Glendale, Arizona. She believes in a whole body and life approach to medicine and Aesthetics. Dr. Iannitelli is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, American Osteopathic Association, American College of Family Practice, American Women’s Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pain Management. She received the George Wong, MD “I Care” Humanitarian Award at Pacific Hospital of Long Hospital and the Academic Excellence Award in Family Practice.

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