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Tackling Home Projects

Thanks to the coronavirus, it seems like we have all the time in the world right now to check things off our to-do list. And for many of us, that means tackling home projects. Due to tough times, though, some of us are being forced to put off remodels, letting those home projects linger a little longer.

However, there are easy cosmetically pleasing and functional ways to upgrade your home. Here are three budget-friendly options that’ll make your humble abode a happier living space.

  1. Swap old carpet

With an open showroom in the heart of the Valley, Carpets of Arizona has relatively inexpensive, easy to install flooring offerings in an array of colors and textures.

With three small kids, I was skeptical thinking one juice spill would ruin the bright crème’ish carpet blend I chose, but it’s downright gorgeous, simple to clean, comfortable, and perfect for rolling around with my playful sons. (BTW stains clean up if you get them fast by blotting them with a warm cloth.)

Equipped with an upgraded pad that has a moisture barrier, Carpets of Arizona ensures the pad won’t retain water and soil. The family-owned biz also uses a pre-treatment spray that kills pet urine, mold, and mildew.

When picking out carpet- go with timeless and neutral- something like Shaw’s Bellera brand that’s designed for high traffic areas.

  1. Upgrade fans

As Arizona embarks on hundred-degree temps, opt to equip your house with the best air circulators to keep things cool, and my pick- hands down, is Minka Aire.

Available at the Valley’s Premier Lighting, peruse the latest in ceiling fans that flaunt style and technology. With the help of trained consultants and delivery/installation services, it’s your one-stop-shop for picking out the best Minka fan.

The first step in choosing your fan is considering room size as it relates to blade sweep; for example, most bedrooms need a 42” sweep, while large living spaces require 60” and above. You’ll also want to determine your style route: traditional, transitional and or contemporary.

Since this type of fixture is constructed for longevity, select a neutral-based statement piece, something sleek like the Timber Smart Ceiling Fan, The Rudolph Ceiling Fan, or the impressive Ninety-Nine- immaculate for a great room.

If you reverse the ceiling fan rotation, it pushes warm air downward, so you’ll save money by dropping your thermostat to find your ideal room temperature.

  1. Go for can lights

Let Parmida light you up; choose from a library of affordable downlight designs equipped with innovative LED technology. By easily replacing your traditional recessed lights, your house will become instantly brighter and more modern.

First, determine your needs- do you have a slanted ceiling and need eyeball cans; prefer something squared over circular; slim design or baffle… all these things need to be figured out prior to purchase.

The best part- Parmida lights are easy to install; featuring unique technology that eliminates humming sounds and flickering. They also dim and come in four different color temperatures.

Written by: Nadine Bubeck

Nadine Bubeck is a TV Personality, author, lifestyle blogger, and fashion designer, having founded Mama B. Designs: boutique apparel that benefits March of Dimes. The Valley-based parenting contributor is a blessed boy mom times three. (nadinebubeck.com).

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