Highlights October 2019

Your Table is Ready: Nori Sushi & Sizzle

In this edition of Your Table is Ready, we take a look at two great restaurants in the North Valley.

My husband and I got the great opportunity to test out Nori Sushi and Sizzle Korean Barbecue- both located at Desert Ridge Marketplace and both owned by HL Concepts.

First, we got the opportunity to check out the amazing sushi and dishes at Nori. The location is small but what it doesn’t have in size and tables, it definitely makes up in tasty food.

We tried a couple of the sushi rolls to start, both very filling! We tasted a couple of delicious specialty rolls. Both were very different tastes but both very amazing. After the rolls, we tried out their version of Chicken Lollipops.. which was just a fancy name for chicken wings. However, these were not your typical wings. These were covered in a wonderfully spicy Asian sauce.

After that, we returned to the sushi, tried a few different Nigiri options, which tasted like some of the freshest fish we’d found statewide. The salmon melted in your mouth, the fish was all perfectly sliced and ready to eat.

We ended the evening with splitting the Tempura Ice Cream, which was a wonderful way to end our meal.

Just a few feet from Nori stands Sizzle Korean Barbecue.

While owned by the same person, they are very different tastes.

With Nori, it’s all about the fish but with Sizzle, it is most definitely all about the meat. With several beef and pork options, we settled for a tasting of several different beef cuts. This was the best way we figured to get a taste of the different styles of cooking.

Servers start by bringing you several different little dishes with vegetable sides, mainly just little bites, most fermented.

For starters, we opted to try the Hot Pot Bibimbap and I would go back simply just to eat that!

Then we split the small beef sampling, which gave us 4 different meats to try as well as a soy soup. We watched as the server cooked all the meats in front of us at our table exactly to our liking.

Every bite was delicious and we were so full at the end of the meal. However, the server talked us into the shaved ice dessert, which was so light and pallet cleansing, that we highly recommend that before you leave.

Whether you are in for fish or you are up for some great meat dishes, both of these options are a great spot for good food. Dishes great for a date night, family night out or a meal with friends- both spots have something for everyone!

Check them online at www.noriaz.com and sizzlekoreanbbq.com.

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