August 2019 Highlights

Your Table is Ready: Fired Pie

This month’s edition of “Your Table is Ready” is designed for the whole family to enjoy a meal out!

Pizza. It is a staple in many families. Whether as a special treat or a once a week family menu item, pizza certainly is something that many members of the family enjoy.

This month, my family and I got the opportunity to check out the local pizza spot, Fired Pie! One of the great things about Fired Pie is that everyone can get whatever they want! The build your own pizza joint is a great spot for everyone to basically get what they want.

And for those who don’t like pizza, there are other options. You can enjoy salad and even Mac and Cheese! And just like the pizza- you can create your own options, adding all sorts of things to both the salad and mac and cheese.

When our family visited the Arrowhead Mall location, we were all feeling like it was a pizza night. Of course, my kids went with a more simplistic approach including pepperoni and margarita pizzas.  My husband built is own creation- a sausage, mushroom and feta cheese mix. That is typically his go-to combination. I tried one of Fired Pie’s creations, their Hawaiian Pizza.

I am almost certain if our stomachs would’ve allowed it, we would have finished them all up. We did package up what we had left but it honestly wasn’t much because we were all enjoying our pizza of choice. Great news for those who are gluten intolerant, or don’t want the regular crust, there are other options. There is a cauliflower crust and a gluten free crust.

While we all opted for the original crust, the cauliflower crust is one that I’ve had in the past and really enjoyed.

One of the big reasons we enjoy Fired Pie is that my kids, can be themselves. It’s a very family friendly restaurant, meant for the enjoyment of the entire family.  We really enjoy the create your own concept, because let’s be honest, kids have very different pallets than parents.

If you are ever looking for a great spot for the entire family, no matter what their favorite tastes are like, Fired Pie should be on your go-to list! For more information on a location near you, check out Fired Pie online.

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