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Table Games You Can DIY on a Rainy Day


Rainy days are not uncommon during the winter months and they are a great opportunity to work on cool DIY projects with your kids. Due to that, I have prepared a few interesting DIY’s for you and your family.

DIY foosball game
For a foosball game, you will need a cardboard box, straws, wooden dowels, and clothespins. I suggest that you use the knife and scissors and kids can do the coloring. Make holes in the cardboard box for the rods and goals in the beginning. Then, let your kids color the box, while you fill the straws (rods) with wooden grill sticks so they don’t bend and close both ends of the straws. When the box is dry, put the rods through the holes on the box and fix the clothespins on the rods with glue. Once the glue is dry you can play foosball!

Memory Game

DIY Memory Game
The Memory game is extremely easy to do. You will need to draw a grid on cardboard and cut the grid so you end up with an even number of small rectangles. Now, the cutting part is over, all you need to do is to draw pairs of identical drawings on each small rectangle and you have your own Memory game.

Tic Tac Toe

DIY Tic Tac Toe
Creating Tic Tac Toe starts the same as the Memory game. You need to draw the grid on cardboard, but make sure it has 9 sections. You don’t need scissors for this project but you will need bottle caps. Use 10 bottle caps in two different colors or if you have caps in the same colors, draw X and O on them so you have two teams. Pretty simple, fast and extremely fun!

Ball Maze

DIY Ball Maze Game
The Ball Maze Game is similar to the foosball game because you will need a cardboard box, a few toilet paper rolls, and colorful paper. Glue the paper to the rolls and glue the rolls on the cardboard box. Try to push the ball through every paper roll on the box, every time in a different direction. You can use a stopwatch to measure time and your kids will love it.

Not every DIY project has to be complicated and hard to make. Sometimes the ones which are extremely simple provide you much fun!

Written by: Mark


Mark is a foosball fan and probably the biggest foosball fan in the world. He has played foosball for years and loves to share his knowledge about foosball with the people who are just entering the foosball world. Due to that, he writes foosball table reviews and you can look at his writing style in the review of the best Tornado foosball table.

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