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Summer Waterpark Safety

As temperatures start to rise, waterparks like Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix and public pools are a great way to keep cool this summer. However, properly preparing for your visit and learning a few tips will help keep families safe and able to focus on fun.

Water Safety Tips

  1. Arms-Length Safety Younger children, or inexperienced swimmers, will need constant, capable adult supervision. Make sure there is a supervisor within “touch distance” at all times.
  2. Bring Backup Enlist family and friends to help supervise children at a busy waterpark, so you can all take breaks and enjoy yourselves.
  3. Remove Distractions Enjoy a day of fun without interruption by leaving your cell phone in a safe place, or locker.
  4. Set Expectations Before you enter a pool or park, have a family plan so all children know where they can go, what to do if they are lost, and what your expectations are of them while at the park.
  5. Know The Rules Review all height/age/weight restrictions for rides prior to visiting a park or pool, and agree as a family to follow the safety guidelines. Teach children to listen to lifeguards, never run and be aware of others in case they need help.
  6. Buddy Up “Never swim alone” applies to all ages. No matter how strong a swimmer, enhance safety by making sure children or teens have a buddy who swims with them, waits for them at the end of each ride, and can immediately alert parents or lifeguards if something is wrong, saving precious seconds in life-threatening emergencies.
  7. Break It Up Breaking up your visit allows kids and parents to better enjoy a long day. Try big rides first, then downtime at the splash pad, lunch, rides again, and finish the afternoon relaxing in the wave pool or lazy river. Snacks, water, and some designated down time are also important.
  8. Use Life Jackets A properly fitted life jacket used with constant, capable adult supervision, greatly enhances your family’s water park safety. Even if your child can swim, younger ones benefit from wearing life jackets – especially in the wave pool or on rides that twist, turn and dump riders in a deep pool at the end. Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix offers free life jacket for guest.
  9. Stand Out From the Crowd Worried about finding your child in a busy park? Help them stand out with a brightly colored or neon cap, rash guard or swimsuit. The 80s are back so they’ll still probably be in fashion.

For more information on Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix hours, slides, attractions and admission prices, visit Wet N’ Wild online or call 623-201-2000. Be sure to check out our contest page as well, we are giving away a family 4-pack to Wet N’ Wild!

By: Heather Miles Austin

Heather Miles Austin

Heather Austin is an 18-year industry expert and currently leads Public Relations for Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix in conjunction with the Marketing Director. As long-time parents and community members, their priority is making a positive impact on local families and park guests through special events, program and partnerships. Non-profits looking to partner may contact info@wetnwildphoenix.com.

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