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Beating Summer Activity Blues

The heat is on, and if you’re desperate for indoor activities to keep the kids entertained, you’re not alone. Here are 7 stimulating, screen-free ideas for beating summer boredom.

  1. Play smart

The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe and Jr. Talking Telescope are educational toys showcasing the world and outer space. Both flaunt an interactive design providing kids with hundreds of facts, enhancing active listening comprehension. Designed for little hands, these toys are a tech-savvy way to get kiddos interested in travel.

  1. Choose STEM

Botley the Coding Robot is ready to use out of the box, and comes with cards, detachable arms, interactive obstacles, coding games and more; over 70 pieces! Code him up to 120 steps; ideal for ages 5+.

KIBO is another option for young coders, encouraging problem solving, learning and building. The KIBO set lets users build, code and decorate their very own robot- and once the sequence is set, kids can watch their KIBO come alive.

For ages 6+, the Techno Gears Dizzy Droid comes equipped with 80+ colorful construction pieces, a power motor and more. The kit includes everything your child needs to build his own droid with motorized gears. Boasting an array of gearing options, the mechanics are a solid way to introduce your kids to the science of gear ratio.

3. Build & play

Little Tikes has awesome extra large waffle blocks, often utilized outdoors. However, avoid the heat and keep them inside, building rocket ships, train tracks and beyond. Ideal for imaginary play, these blocks can occupy kids for hours.

And after your building session, take a dip in your faux pool! Buy a kiddie pool and fill it with play balls (affordable bundles on Amazon)… great for babies and toddlers- plus, sort the colors and count ‘em.

  1. Get them in the kitchen

Scratch + Grain baking kits are super fun and totally delicious. The pre-packaged packs come with all dry ingredients and easy recipes. Choose from cupcakes, brownies, muffins and cookies- all made of natural, organic, wholesome ingredients.

  1. Adopt a hobby

Put the cell phone down and learn to strategically point, shoot and decorate. The Magnaframe Polaroid OneStep2 Camera pack comes with Polaroid’s newest instant-gratification, high-quality camera and top tier color film. Once your kiddos have an array of thought-out photos, place them in the Magnaframe Polaroid 6-Pack. The frames are magnetic, letting you arrange them any way you see fit.

  1. Camp in your yard (or living room)

Pitch a tent and camp at home. Kids love this! Get a LUMO Smart Bluetooth Lantern for a super cool experience. You can adjust the color to virtually unlimited combinations via your smartphone!

  1. Stay educated

The Learning Journey just introduced a new line of puzzles that are extra big and educational, like the ABC Caterpillar puzzle where kids will “inch” their way through learning the alphabet. These larger than life puzzles have over 50 chunky pieces.

Match It! games are good for memory building. The Crocodile Crunch! design teaches kids about healthy and unhealthy foods. Make a correct match by putting a healthy food in the crocodile’s mouth!

Written by: Nadine Bubeck

Nadine Bubeck is a TV Personality, author, lifestyle blogger, and fashion designer, having founded Mama B. Designs: boutique apparel that benefits March of Dimes. The Valley-based parenting contributor is a blessed boy mom times three. (nadinebubeck.com)

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