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Staying Healthy in Arizona Dust Storms

As we head into summer, those of us who live in the Valley are dreading the arrival of Arizona’s annual dust storms (haboobs).  Last year, Arizona had over 6,000 reported valley fever cases which can be attributed to the storms. Additionally, weather forecasters are predicting that the dust will be even worse this year. Dust storms contain toxins and bacteria that can make you sick and increase the risk of developing allergies, asthma, lung cancer and more.

This is why Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics offers many healthy and natural alternative suggestions for both children and adults to stay safe while enduring Arizona’s dust storm season. It’s important to take preventive steps before the dust storm hits, to ensure your lungs stay safe.

I recommend protecting your home with natural tools to purify the inside air. You can do this through purchasing a plug-in air purifier to remove allergens and airborne particles, buying house plants to help improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide levels, opting to use essential oils instead of candles, since candles can release toxic compounds like carcinogens; and using organic and natural cleaning products to avoid toxic chemicals.

Extra precautions to take during a dust storm include avoiding outdoor activity, covering your nose and mouth with a mask to reduce exposure to dust particles, taking natural herbal remedies for allergies and drinking lots of water to clear your nasal passages.

If you suspect you have contracted Valley fever from the dust storms, be sure to watch out for symptoms like ongoing pain in the chest, chills, fatigue, fever, rashes, coughing and shortness of breath. Natural remedies for helping Valley fever include upping your garlic take, as it contains anti-fungal properties; keeping your body hydrated and using IV drips with a high dose of Vitamin C and other virus-battling ingredients give your body a boost. It’s also important to keep eating healthy by limiting sugar intake and upping your greens to arm yourself with the nutrients you need to heal.

As always, it’s important to consult with your doctor if you think you have Valley fever, asthma, allergies and any other symptoms associated with the annual dust storms.

Written by: Dr. Suneil Jain, NMD Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics

Dr. Suneil Jain, NMD is a naturopathic physician and the founder& owner of Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics. Rejuvena is located in North Scottsdale and is one of the leading practices in the United States specializing in wellness and healthy aging. Dr. Jain bridges the traditional tenets of naturopathic medicine with modern advances in aesthetic medicine to provide his patients with a comprehensive plan to begin their rejuvenation and take responsibility of their health. To learn more, visit www.werejuvenate.com or call 480-551-9000.

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