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Spring Cleaning 101: Tips for Refreshing your Home

It’s common for people to deep clean their entire house come spring, but what about your home décor? Do you still have the same curtains and pillows from ten years ago? Simple changes to your home décor can make all the difference in how each room in your home feels. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of the old and bring in the new to feel refreshed and clean.

Change Up your Furniture
Now is the time to swap out your dark wood furniture for a lighter, spring-inspired replacement. Try incorporating a bright statement chair or mixing in tones of gray and white to instantly brighten up a room. Lastly, if you know you’re not going to reuse your old furniture, take it to a consignment store and look for a new one-of-a-kind piece to replace it with.

Organize and Rearrange
A home can quickly look overdone and cluttered with too much décor displayed. As you begin to spring clean your décor, pull everything off of tables, shelves, mantles, etc. to give yourself a clean slate to work with. Once the items have been removed, only put back the items you truly love and value. Additionally, instead of stacking photos on a console table or mantle, consider creating a gallery wall with similar frames to create less clutter.

Give Life to Old Furniture and Accessories
Out with the old, in with the new doesn’t always mean you have to get rid of a piece you love! Side tables, wooden chairs, decorative accessories can all be given a new life by simply painting them a fresh new color. This allows you to keep some of the pieces you absolutely love but still giving them a new, updated look.

Perk Up your Pillows and Drapes
One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your home is to buy or make new throw pillows and drapes. Replace the throw pillows on your couch or bed with bright pops of color or a fun pattern. Drapes can often be a dramatic change – luckily, it’s easy to bring home a panel or two and try them out before committing.

Rearrange your Artwork
Spring is the perfect time to say “yes” to a refresh – this can be as easy as moving your favorite art pieces you already have and giving them new life in a different room. Adding a colorful piece of art to a room with neutral tones will instantly brighten up the room and change the mood. By moving a few pieces around or to another room, you’re home will instantly have a refreshed and different feel.

Written By: Darlene Richert

Darlene Richert

Darlene Richert is the owner and founder of Avery Lane, a high-end consignment boutique that specializes in designer furniture pieces, unique antiques, and fine art items. Featuring furnishings from Scottsdale’s finest homes and estates, Avery Lane offers tasteful vignettes with intriguing artwork and accessories. Avery Lane opened its first and currently the only location in the Scottsdale Airpark in 2012, however, has plans to grow the company to the East Valley within the next 12 months. To learn more, please visit averylanehome.com.


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