Highlights June 2017

Scottsdale Clinical Psychologist Creates Digital Citizen Academy and Receives Inspire Excellence Award

Dr. Lisa Strohman, founder and director of the recently launched educational prevention and diversion platform, Digital Citizen Academy, was recently named the Cave Creek Unified School Districts (CCUSD) Inspire Excellence Award recipient for 2017.

The CCUSD selects and recognizes remarkable members of the community who embody the spirit of the Inspire Excellence Award and have continuously met the highest standards of the award.

Dr. Strohman is a clinical psychologist, founder of the Technology Wellness Center, and co-author of Unplug: Raising Kids in a Technology Addicted World. Digital Citizen Academy was created as a new interactive platform for schools and organizations to deliver research-based education, prevention and diversion programs that are professionally designed to combat, protect and support children, teenagers, and adults impacted by issues resulting from technology use, misuse and overuse.

“In my private practice, working one-on-one with children and parents I started to see more serious issues surface and began hearing from school principals and administrators facing serious challenges with students,” explains Dr. Strohman. “I knew I needed to do something that would reach and help more kids and address the challenges educators and parents now face.”

Digital Citizen Academy (DCA) will support schools, school districts and organizations with affordable program options. Under the direction of Dr. Strohman, DCA is designed with grade specific lessons for kindergarten through 12th grade, that appropriately and effectively communicate and teach safe practices for digital citizenship, digital reputations and provide tools and lessons on cyberbullying, sexting and digital cheating.

Schools and organizations that sign-up with DCA will have access to the prevention modules for students, which will allow them to track pretest and post-test scores and monitor ongoing results. In addition, there are modules specifically geared for parents and educators that give more detailed information on current issues. A diversion program will also be available as a disciplinary resource for offenders. Pricing is based on number of students, schools in the district and length of subscription.

Digital Citizen Academy programs were beta tested at Sonoran Trails Middle School in grades 7th to 8th during fall 2016 and spring 2017. Dr. Strohman has also provided educational seminars for parents, students and staff discussing the importance of being healthy digital citizens and how it impacts one’s digital footprint.

To learn more about Digital Citizen Academy and its services, visit digitalcitizenacademy.org.

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