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Revamping Valentine’s Day

When the calendar hits February 1, wheels start turning about what do to for Valentine’s Day. Each day passes, life gets hectic, then all of the sudden it’s February 14 and nothing is planned. You settle for selecting from the picked-over flowers at the store and struggle to find a reservation at a packed restaurant. The more time spent in a relationship, the more likely this scenario happens every year. And it might not just be Valentine’s Day. This applies to anniversaries, birthdays and regular dates that are essential to keeping the love alive in a partnership.

Think back to when you first started dating your significant other. You were filled with butterflies, nerves and excitement of the unknown; there was a spark that kept pulling you closer together. Overtime, the passion can fizzle out. Between work, kids and other commitments, making time for your partner can seem impossible, let alone trying to plan a date night that goes beyond “dinner and a movie.” That’s exactly why we started Fun Fantasy Ritual. With intentional efforts to enhance romance and connection, the spark can be refueled and burn bright again. Even if you just started dating and the excitement is still there, be purposeful with your actions to keep it thriving.

Start with making plans on Valentine’s Day that are outside the box. Ditch the dinner that you’ll most likely forget. Instead, try an activity that advances your communication skills, connection and desire to be with each other. Here are a few suggestions for dates in the Phoenix metro area:

After the day of romance passes, keep the intention of pursuing activities that help love grow top of mind. Through our Surprise Date Challenge, we encourage couples to plan one surprise date for each other every month. Tell your partner what time to be ready and what to wear. Leave the rest up to the surprise. You will be taken back to the feelings in the beginning of the relationship, when you were first getting to know each other and you didn’t know where the date would lead. The surprise elements will add zest to your partnership and you will feel your connection strengthen. Let the surprise dates become the ritual that your relationship needs.

Written by: Dana Lam and Marty Kupper, Owners of Fun Fantasy Ritual

Dana Lam and Marty Kupper Know busy couples have enough to worry about, having to pull together unforgettable dates shouldn’t be one of them. Through date concierge services, coaching and events like the Couples Connection Play Shop, Fun Fantasy Ritual helps people be the happiest couple they know. Owners of Fun Fantasy Ritual, are a couple themselves and have practiced the Fun Fantasy Ritual for three years! Learn more at funfantasyritual.com


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