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Revamp Your Fall Skincare Routine

When the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to rethink your skincare routine. Proper skincare can protect your skin from the cold drying air, harsh winds and other fall weather woes. Regardless of your age, prioritizing the health of your skin is always in season.

Catch Up from Summer

If you spent your summer in the sun, it’s very likely that you have sun damage. Sun damage is tricky because it can appear on your skin much later in life. It is important to be honest with your skincare specialist about your sun exposure history so they can reverse any damage with treatments like the IPL laser. Lasers allow aesthetic practitioners to reach deep into the dermis of the skin to draw pigmentation up to the surface, where it will eventually slough off. Aesthetic lasers are a safe, effective alternative to invasive procedures, offering little to no downtime while producing completely natural results.

Once sun damage or sunspots are taken care of, don’t forget to continue daily sunscreen use in the fall. The sun’s rays can still reach you on cloudy or rainy days and sometimes have even more potent effects.

Plump to Prepare

Over time, skin loses its elasticity and smooth texture which is exaggerated with the cool dry fall weather. To combat these common issues, make sure your skincare routine includes a moisturizer and serum. There are many serums available depending on your skin issue.

If you want to get the ball rolling quicker, microneedling penetrates the top layer of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin growth, while smoothing the skin, shrinking pores, evening hyperpigmentation, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels paired with microdermabrasion (micropeel) will also provide a more intense refresh that will help protect against dryness and dull skin.

Mask Up

Aesthetic facial treatments can be very beneficial for your fall skin. Facial Masks can provide a physical barrier against any harsh outdoor elements. However, you will also need a skin barrier to combat mask acne during the fall. This can be accomplished with the proper moisturizers and creams to reduce friction. At home facial kits or masks can help prepare your skin for the outdoor air and chilly temperatures as well. If you need guidance in finding the right products for your skin type, make sure you consult an aesthetician.

Overall, prioritizing skincare regardless of the season is essential. Successful skin care comes from addressing concerns and protecting against future damage. It’s never too early to implement a routine with the proper cleanser, moisturizer and serums.

Written by: Elizabeth Hallstrom, Nurse Practitioner Derma Health Skin & Laser.

Elizabeth Hallstrom has worked in the medical aesthetics field since 2013 and is currently a nurse practitioner at Derma Health Skin and Laser. Derma Health has served more than 50,000 patients at three locations in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is ranked as a top 1% med-spa in the nation and is the No. 1 provider of dermal fillers and Botox in the Southwest. Derma Health recognizes your needs are unique, it offers all patients free consultations to assess the treatment options available. Learn more at dhiskin.com.

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