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Protect Your Privacy with Kamshield

Cyber hacking is an ongoing reality and concern in our digital-dependent lives. In seconds, cyber criminals and voyeurs can secretly take over and control the camera on our private laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, and phones—giving them access to images and video of our most intimate moments and secure financial information.

Need something better than a piece of tape or post-it note to cover the camera on your laptop or tablet? Single mom Kameron Miller has created Kamshield, a cover designed to elegantly fit over the camera of your device, safeguarding your privacy from cybercriminals.

Having experienced a breach of privacy herself and after learning any device with a camera and Wi-Fi can be hacked, Kameron researched how to protect herself and her family. With no products meeting her needs, she created Kamshield, a webcam cover made to fit perfectly with many devices. Having more than a decade of experience in collaborating with businesses to increase their value, Kameron effectively solves problems. “Privacy should not be taken lightly. My goal is to protect vulnerable tech users especially women, children, and families, with Kamshield,” said Kameron.

Webcam cover for your devices
The simple, ultra-thin cover sticks to your camera with a 3M adhesive, protecting your device from any wear and tear. Less than a millimeter thin allows your device to close. The adhesive will not leave a sticky residue when removed and comes in multiple colors to perfectly match your device. Kamshield is easy to remove and reuse on your other devices.

P.S. I Love You Foundation
Five percent of all Kamshield sales are donated to P.S. I Love You Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing youth through social and emotional learning programs. Kameron chose the foundation to help teach children about cyber safety and the dangers associated with technology. According to a nationwide survey that measures technology use among children 8 years old and younger the amount of time young children spend on mobile devices has tripled in the last four years. “It is imperative for parents, teachers, and children to know the dangers of what’s behind the screen,” says Kameron.

Keep yourself and your family save from cybercriminals, block them and keep your private life secure.

To learn more about Kamshield, visit kamshield.com or visit them on Facebook.


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