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How to Protect Your Home During Monsoon

Arizona’s monsoon is finally here, and with it comes blustery storms and plenty of airborne dust. The weather can wreak havoc on your home – and wallet. As with any time of year, it’s a good idea to check what your home warranty covers or, if you don’t have one, purchase one to help save money on costly future repairs.

If an appliance covered under your home warranty breaks, our trained technicians will come out and fix it for a low-cost maintenance fee. There are plenty of ways to maintain a home’s systems and appliances to help prevent that maintenance call and prevent damage brought by the monsoon. Here are some tips to protect your home during these massive Arizona storms.

While outdoor A/C units are designed to withstand the wind and dust brought with the monsoon, Valley dust storms can prevent them from operating at peak efficiency.  While it’s not likely dust can make it into A/C systems, which are tightly sealed, cleaning outdoor units keeps them running in top shape. After a dust storm passes, turn off the unit’s power and spray it down with a garden hose. Monsoon weather can also cause power outages this time of year, knocking out the air conditioning. After a power outage air conditioning units go into a reset mode, so be patient and wait 10 minutes to see if it boots back up.

Those monsoon storms can be a nightmare if lightning strikes a home. A lightning strike can short electrical systems in the home, potentially damaging valuable appliances and electronics connected to power. Most manufacturer warranties for electronics do not cover damage from lightning strikes. Connecting electronics to high-voltage surge protectors will help.

A clean yard can prevent the wind from picking up debris, and a clean pool can prevent pool pumps from getting clogged. A pool cover provides extra protection. Dirt and sunlight can also deteriorate chlorine, so skim and clean filter baskets soon after a storm.

Nature has a mind of its own, so be sure to prepare your home for the worst this monsoon. While pools and A/C units are covered by most home warranties, a little simple maintenance can go a long way. For more information on how to best protect your home during Arizona’s monsoon and to see what is exactly covered under a home warranty, visit www.platinumhw.com.

Written by: Brooke Hoyt

Brooke Hoyt

Brooke Hoyt is the Vice President of Operations at Platinum Home Warranty, a locally owned and operated company located in Scottsdale. Platinum employs their own service technicians for most trades, offering home warranties and a full retail division to meet the needs of homeowners in metropolitan Phoenix. To learn more about how Platinum can help you and your clients, head to www.platinumhw.com.


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