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How To Protect Your A/C During Monsoon

While we haven’t seen much of the Monsoon yet, we are still anticipating the annual return of higher humidity, heavy rain and dust storms. The experts at Donley AC & Plumbing are sharing ways to protect your A/C during the monsoon.

During a storm

  • To prevent dirt from being pulled into the system, consider turning off the A/C when a dust storm rolls over your home.
  • To avoid compressor damage during a power outage, turn off the A/C and wait at least five minutes before turning back on after power is restored.

Change Filters

  • Monthly changes are critical. Think about doing it each time you get your electric bill.
  • A dirty filter can increase your bill 5-10%.
  • A dirty filter allows more contaminants inside your house.

Clean Your Coil

  • Storms can leave your outdoor unit covered in dirt, which can make the unit run hotter and use more electricity.
  • Have your coil regularly washed by a professional, especially during the monsoon season.

Check Your Roof and Ductwork

  • If you have a rooftop unit, be sure it’s properly secured to withstand high winds. Consider installing a hail guard.
  • Make sure ductwork is sealed properly to prevent dust and dirt from entering your home.

Invest in a surge protector

  • A power strip will only protect from minor fluctuations while an in-house surge protector can handle major surges caused by storms.

How to get the most out of your A/C:

  • Keep blinds and drapes closed.
  • Ceiling fans will help you feel cooler, but turn them off when no one’s in the room to save energy.
  • Avoid using your stovetop or oven during the day.
  • Thermostats can pick up the heat from lamps, TV’s and appliances.
  • Planting shrubs or trees can provide shade to the a/c unit, which leads to less electricity being used. But not too close or you’ll restrict airflow. Make sure the area is free of leaves, weeds and debris.
  • You won’t conserve energy by constantly changing the thermostat. Set it at the highest comfortable level and forget it. Or, try a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust for times you are away and sleeping.
  • For every degree you set your thermometer above 80, you can save about 2-3% on cooling costs, according to SRP.


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