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Organizing Your Garage This Fall

By: Pam Fitzgibbons

Well, it’s official… fall has finally arrived. And with the temperatures cooling off a bit, and the holidays just around the corner, you know what that means… IT’S TIME TO ORGANIZE

Organize garage

With all of the summertime activities and family vacations, our garages have taken a beating over these past few months. We’ve thrown our sporting equipment, yard tools, and summertime toys into our garages throughout the entire summer promising ourselves we’d “pick it up later.” Now, with the holidays just around the corner, and our decorations either under or behind our new piles of procrastination, we can no longer put off the inevitable. But where do we even start? It seems so overwhelming. Well, don’t worry… there are 6 simple steps you can follow to help bring organization back to your garage.

Step #1 – Write out a plan
In addition to determining your budget for this project, you’ll need to make a list of all the functions your garage will need to fulfill. For example, one function would be to store your
car(s). Another function might be tool storage, and another function might be sports equipment storage. Make your “function” list in order of importance to you.

Organize garage

Step #2 – Draw out your plan
Using a piece of grid paper, draw picture of what your garage will look like. Be sure to take accurate measurements. Transfer those measurements to the grid paper so you can make sure your plan will work in the space you have. Create zones for all the functions you listed in step one. Consider installing shelves up high on the walls, or installing storage racks that hang off of the ceiling for additional storage options.

Step #3 – Clear the deck!
Take EVERYTHING out of your garage. Move it onto you driveway or front lawn. Take some time to thoroughly sweep/clean the floor and wipe things down. You want to start with a clean slate when you bring your stuff back in.

Step #4 – Let the sorting begin!
Group all like/similar items together. For example, group all your tools into one pile, your holiday decorations into another pile, etc. Now is the time to “purge” the excess.

Toss, donate or give away the following…
1. Any duplicate items
2. Any item that is broken (and that you haven’t fixed in 6 months)
3. Any item that you haven’t used in over a year.

Sept #5 – Load the items you’re keeping back into your garage
Everything you’re keeping should have a predetermined spot dictated in your plan from steps 1 & 2. Place them in the appropriate zones you’ve drawn out. Be sure to label either the bins or the shelves you plan to use.

Organize garage

Step #6 – Maintain the results
In the future, anything you bring into the garage should have a designated spot/area for it. If you purchase something and there are no open spots available, then something must go
first before bringing the new item in. It’s the one in, one out rule. Our garages were primarily designed to house our cars, not our “stuff”. Remember our cars are usually our second largest investment, yet that investment is sitting out in the driveway while our “stuff” takes up that valuable space. Now is the perfect time to reclaim your garage.

Fall Organizing Package!
Right now Organizer AZ 911 is offering a 4-hour starter package to get your home ready for the holiday season for only $175. This is a great package for anyone planning to have holiday parties, planning to sell your home, or just want to finally get organized before the new year. For details, contact 623-229-0911 or email info.organizeraz911@gmail.com.




Pam Fitzgibbons is a professional organizer and the owner of Organizer AZ 911 in Anthem, AZ. She has been helping people organize their homes, businesses and personal schedules for over a decade. She specializes in creating organized solutions that best match your specific daily routines. To learn more about how she can help find an organized solution that best fits your needs, visit her website at organizeraz911.com or call her at 623-229-0911.

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