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Organize the Kitchen this Spring

By: Pam Fitzgibbons

Spring has sprung and you know what that means… It’s time to spring clean and GET THINGS ORGANIZED! One perfect place to start is in your kitchen. Did you know that having a disorganized kitchen could cause you to overeat, become overly exhausted, over extend your monthly food budget and make you work overtime?

Why would anyone want to do that?

With a well-organized kitchen you can regain control over what you are eating, save a load of money, make fewer trips to the grocery store, which will free up your time so you can do the things you love to do.

So how do you get started when organizing your kitchen? I always suggest starting with the pantry. But before you start any organizing project, you want to have a firm plan in place. Remember, “Failing to plan is a plan to fail.” It’s important to take a moment and envision how you want your pantry to function. To do that you need to consider how you function in your kitchen. Do you do more “cooking” or do you do more “baking”? Believe me there’s a difference. You want to set things up in your pantry to support what you do on a daily basis, and eliminate anything that fights your daily routine.

Organizer AZ 911

How to get started
1). Take everything out of your pantry onto the table or counters.
2). Wipe down the shelves and floor because you want to start with a clean slate. Consider using shelf liners if you like to have some fun designing what makes you happy.
3). Go through every item and throw out ANY product that is past its expiration date. If you haven’t finished the product by the time it expires, it’s telling you that you don’t use it enough to make it worth keeping.
4). Sort your items before returning them to the pantry. Group “like/similar” items together because it make them easier to find. Examples of categories can include: Breakfast Foods, Canned Foods, Snack Foods and Pasta/Starches.
5). Consider using clear containers to store many of the items in your pantry. It will help you to maintain and manage your pantry inventory. “Seeing” how much you have is vital to an organized pantry. It saves you time and money when it comes to shopping.

Now you’re ready to reload your pantry
It’s important you know your “Prime Real Estate” in your pantry (the area between your forehead and knees). Only place items you use regularly on your “Prime Real Estate” shelves. Fill your prime real estate shelves first with all the items you use the most (remember to keep similar types of food together). Use the highest shelf and the floor to hold “extras” or items you don’t use as often.

Organizer AZ 911

If space is limited in your pantry, try using the following items to maximize your storage potential.

Utilize your doors.

Simple over-the-door shoe (clear pocket) shoe organizers can help too.

Utilize the height with tiered shelves or wire shelving.

Good luck and happy organizing!

For additional organizing ideas, check out Organizer AZ 911’s videos.

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Pam Fitzgibbons is a professional organizer and the owner of Organizer AZ 911 in Anthem, AZ. She has been helping people organize their homes, businesses and personal schedules for over a decade. She specializes in creating organized solutions that best match your specific daily routines. To learn more about how she can help find an organized solution that best fits your needs, visit her website at organizeraz911.com or call her at 623-229-0911.

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