Highlights October 2018

New Indoor Sports Center

For several years the community has had a shortage of public indoor basketball courts, especially for use by small leagues in the area. The demand for courts has risen with growing club programs for both basketball and volleyball, and the availability and ease of access to facility has lessened over the years as well. Arizona Sports Complex saw the need for premium courts for local programs and has developed an indoor space in the north valley to serve the community.

ASC Training Center – Home of Future Stars officially opened it’s doors in September and is currently offering youth basketball and volleyball leagues, training, hosts soccer clubs and volleyballs for a practice and training space, and there are plans to include many other activities like adult programs, futsal (a form of soccer played on basketball courts), summer camps, fitness programs, etc.

Arizona Sports Complex and it’s company Future Stars have been offering youth basketball and volleyball for the last couple years but the increasing difficulty to utilize space for it’s programs while being convenient for families has inhibited growth. Now that a home is established, there is room to grow and serve even more people in the community. Future Stars sports programs will now solely operate out of this facility, while they still offer their afterschool programming at schools around the valley.

It is the vision of Arizona Sports Complex to continue to grow to offer more programs and facilities in the Phoenix area as it’s programs participation increases. If someone in your family is looking for an activity to get involved in whether it be basketball, volleyball or soccer, Arizona Sports Complex and Future Stars have a program for you. Serving youth and adult players, and offering other facility programming such as facility rentals, birthday parties, or whatever else the community may have a need for, ASC Training Center – Home of Future Stars is now here to meet the demand.

For more information, please contact info@arizonasportscomplex.com.

Written by: Justin Sayban

Justin Sayban

Justin Sayban is General Manager of Arizona Sports Complex in Glendale, Arizona. Justin first started his career in recreational sports back in 2001 at the age of 14 at a local roller hockey rink, and because of his positive experiences throughout his time working in the industry, and enjoying participation in sports throughout his life, Justin has made it his mission to provide quality programs of sports and other activities to improve the the lives of the participants and their community.

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