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Meet Arizona Coyotes President Ahron Cohen

As President, Chief Executive Officer and Alternate Governor for the Arizona Coyotes.. Ahron Cohen oversees all business and legal operations, organizational strategic planning, government relations, company culture, community engagement strategy and special alternative investment initiatives. He also serves as the NHL liaison for significant organizational matters.

We had a chance to do a Q&A with Cohen to discuss his life on and off the ice.

NPF: Talk about some of your recent successes with the Coyotes?

Cohen: We have three core goals as an organization; winning on the ice, building fandom and positively impacting our Arizona community.  I’m proud of the fact that we are taking significant strides forward in each one of these core goals.  We expect our team to compete for the playoffs this year after barely missing last year.  We saw every business metric improve significantly last season.  I’m perhaps most proud of the fact that we gave a franchise record $3.4 million back to the Arizona community this past fiscal year.

NPF: Do you find it hard juggling parenthood with a high-profile job in the NHL?

Cohen: It’s always a challenge balancing and managing my time with so many different things going on with the team, but I unabashedly set a very clear line that my family always comes first and takes priority.  When I’m with my sons Carson and Cameron, I try to be completely present and stay off my phone so I can enjoy my time with them.

NPF: You have a strong sense of community- what are your priorities for your community?

Cohen: I want to see our community continue to move forward on childhood education.  Providing all Arizona children with opportunities to learn and grow is going to pay dividends for our community for years to come.  We are very proud of our Coyotes reading program where we provide free support and incentives to local schools to encourage reading.

NPF: How would you suggest to families on how they can get involved in their community?

Cohen: The best way for families to get involve in their community is to find a way to make an impact no matter how large or small.  I think there are times when people feel overwhelmed because there is so much out there that needs to be done to improve our community.  With that said, every little bit forward helps no matter how small.  As long as you do something, you are making our community a better place to live.

NPF: The Coyotes also do a lot with the community, explain that a bit?

Cohen: My view is that sports teams, and the Coyotes specifically, need to be community assets.  Sports teams are central to the fabric of any community.  For our team, my priority is that we constantly are growing and doing more—both from a financial impact as well as from a volunteer standpoint—each and every year.

NPF: If you had one piece of advice for working families, what would it be?

Cohen: Find ways to carve out uninterrupted time with your children to just be present with them and enjoy the time you have together.  Work can always wait!

NPF: What is your proudest accomplishment as a parent?

Cohen: When my 2-year-old son (Carson) took a slapshot with a street hockey ball and put a dent in our driveway.  Mom wasn’t too pleased, but I was very proud to know that he has that kind of power as a 2-year-old!

NPF: What are you most looking forward to when it comes to your kids?

Cohen: I’m most looking forward to playing all types of sports with them and coaching their teams.  We play sports almost every night together in the backyard  and I know it will be wonderful to see them play organized sports down the road.

NPF: Any additional thoughts?

Cohen: I’m incredibly fortunate to have both a wonderful family, as well as my dream job.  Although most days are very hectic and busy, I try to take time to reflect on how fortunate I am to have a loving family around me led by my wonderful wife Dana, as well as a wonderful Coyotes family at work.

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