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Medieval Times: The Perfect Family Knight Out

Ladies and lords, squires and noble folks of all ages, let it be known that Medieval Times is open and ready to entertain! Long known for its exciting knight-ly tournament of medieval sword fighting, a visit is sure to excite, wow and provide an evening of entertainment families will long remember.

Arriving to Medieval Times is taking a step back in time. You enter a drawbridge into a magnificent castle and step inside to a time hundreds of years in the past. With suits of armor and medieval weaponry on display, it’s quite an impressive sight to see. As you walk into the castle, you are handed a crown with different colors, which represent your knight who you are rooting for during the evening’s tournament. When the doors to the arena open, you take your seats in your assigned color section and get ready for the festivities.

One thing you might notice is your silverware, rather, your LACK of silverware. Just as in the medieval ages, there were no forks or knives or spoons to use while eating. So to, you will not have utensils while enjoying your meal. And it’s a rather tasty meal. You start with a wonderful tomato soup and garlic bread, then are welcomed to a corn on the cob and half a baked potato. All are very tasty but all are nice precursors to the main course, a fantastic and flavorful roasted chicken. You may want to consider arriving a little hungry, as the food portions are generous.

While the food is very good, the real highlight is the tournament of knights. Not to give away any of the story, but it’s one that will get you rooting and cheering for your knight. There are wonderful displays of swordsmanship and jousting just to name a few. In addition to the skills of the knights, Medieval Times does an amazing job highlighting the skill and beauty of its horses. With varying examples demonstrating the strength and agility of horses, you will be amazed at the high level of skill on display.

When you arrive, be prepared to have a fun and enjoyable evening, as that’s what it’s all about. And for those wondering about safety in a post-COVID world, know that Medieval Times is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of visiting families. From limiting the number of attendees for every show, to spacing parties out in their seats, guest safety is paramount and on full display. There is a clear commitment to visitor comfort and it’s welcome to see.

As the world slowly reopens, if you are looking for a perfect family knight out, look no further. Medieval Times is guaranteed to have an experience you and your family will long remember.

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