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Making Your Work Dreams Come True

I am writing this article from a coffee shop.  While sitting here gathering my thoughts, I was approached by a man named, Justin.  Justin works in the banking industry.  During further conversation, Justin stated he has his pilot’s license.  Currently, he pilots and instructs part-time, but has a dream of leaving his banking position to pursue becoming a full time pilot.

We can agree, Justin is no different than many of us.  We have a dream of creating sustainable income allowing us to go “All In” on our part-time gig, our side hustle, our DREAM.   In 2017 I finally had the fortitude to take the leap and go all in on my DREAM.  It was scary, uncomfortable and nerve wracking.  Like many of you, I had a very comfortable job with great benefits and a salary that provided a better than average lifestyle.  Let me share with you 3 action plans you can implement today that will transition your part-time gig into a full-time position.

  • Starts with Perspective

Whether to yourself or out loud, stop referring to your business as part-time or side hustle.  As the old adage goes, “There’s power in words.” In this case, there’s also power in thought.  What we say or think about our endeavors will show up in our actions, thus our results.  If you have 1 full time job, following your dream will be your second full time job.

  • The Tale of Two Days… In one

Training the mind/body to access increased levels of energy and clarity for business growth will make a large positive impact on your results.  Lackluster energy after “Job 1” is nothing new.  Have you ever considered repeating your morning ritual?  Yes! Repeat all of the steps you do in the morning to start your day.

Lie in bed and close your eyes for about 2 minutes to reset your brain.  Take a quick shower as your tea steeps or coffee brews and get dressed. I recall donning a shirt and tie to truly engage my 2 days in 1 strategy.

  • The Plan of Attack

Once you find yourself at your workspace, it’s time to get to work!  I wish it were that simple.  Conquering the obstacle of, “Where do I begin” paralyzes many of us.  To this day, I quietly ask myself, “What can I do next”.  The first thing that pops into my mind is what I work on.  This is not a sustainable strategy, but it’s a quick fix to avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’.  Implement this strategy and y the end of your evening (morning, if Job 1 is a night shift) you would’ve completed more in 3-6 hours than you had in times past.

During this phase of business development, it’s not the lack of resources that limits growth… it’s negative self-talk and limited awareness of one’s actions. Be sure to always have self-confidence, a good support system and most of all, a strong will to make the change.

Written by: Dom Faussette

Dom Faussette

Dom Faussette is a Best-Selling Author, Leadership Speaker and Executive Coach. He is a military veteran and prior police officer with 10+ years of corporate leadership experience. Dom is the CEO of Think React Lead. Think React Lead is a company dedicated to pushing people past their limiting beliefs by bridging the gap between their mind and heart for increased success.

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