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Making The Most of Your Career, At The End of The Year

The end of the year is a critical time for your career, whether you are gainfully employed or on the hunt for a new opportunity. It has the potential to make or break your entire year. It also has the potential to set you up for your best year ever, next year.

Nick Morrison, Founder of Potere, recommends 5 things to think about when rounding out your
year. Whether you’ve had a great year and you’re looking for the “cherry on top,” or you’re not proud of the year you’ve had and you want to save it- there is something you can do. No matter how you feel about your year, there are things you can be doing right now that will lead to success.

  • Its All About Timing
    • The majority of business decisions happen before Thanksgiving Day and after January 1st due to holiday schedules. Ask yourself this question, “what can I get accomplished before Thanksgiving?” You won’t get everything accomplished and that is perfectly fine but this is crunch time and your time to shine. If you are looking for work, make sure you are checking your emails and voicemails several times a day to get back quickly to potential opportunities.
  • Be Most Efficient
    • Everyone is extra busy around the holiday season and year end. Use other people’s time wisely, do things that are high impact in the least amount of time. That includes you, you’re extra busy, be efficient and get the most out of every day. Stay healthy, you can’t afford to lose time because you’re sick. That means hydration, sleep, and proper nutrition. If you are searching for work, make sure you are efficiently tailoring your resume to companies you are excited about, be intentional with your applications. This will take you further than a general resume like everyone else.
  • Check Off Some Goals
    • What goals did you set at the beginning of the year? What goals did the company you work for set? Take the time to make a speaksheet and analyze your accomplishments and see what can possibly get done before the end of the year or what you can at least start. Writing these out will make a big impact on your motivation to get things done! If you are searching for employment, make this list of your accomplishments from your last couple jobs and apply the “STAR” method. This will give you several talking points for interviews and give you more confidence in your abilities.
  • Make A Tangible Impact
    • This is your last chance to make an impact before the holidays hit and everyone checks out. What are two things you could change before the end of the year that would have a tangible impact on your company? That will build a case for you to get a promotion, raise, or the new job at a different company.
  • Add A Personal Touch
    • If you are actively interviewing, don’t forget to send a quick personalized thank you email and include everyone involved. People will go further for those they like and who show kindness. The holidays can be many different things, make sure the people around you know that you care about them. Whether you manage a team or you work in a team, recognize those around and their contributions this year.

Written by: Nick Morrison, Potere

Nick Morrison is the founder of Potere. After graduating from the University of Idaho in Finance and a short career in personal wealth management, he moved to Phoenix and plated his roots. Immediately he got into a world of executive recruiting and fell in love with it. This ignited a passion for Nick to start Potere, a company that focuses on maximizing employee engagement and personal growth. The company also gives back locally by donating and volunteering to foundations closest to the mission of the company. He found that companies who are employee focused have the greatest amount of stability, profitability, and highest likelihood to accomplish their missions.

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