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Make Mom Friends With These 5 Apps

Making friends is never easy, but it’s nice to have mom friends who can relate to your parenting struggles. Luckily, the digital age has come up with a few solutions for moms to find other local, like-minded mothers. These five apps make life easier to meet other moms just like you.

Peanut:  Peanut is basically a Tinder-like app for making new mom friends. This app helps you search for like-minded moms, and has custom chat groups and a calendar to keep track of your social schedule. Connect with the perfect mommy matches to create lasting friendships. peanut-app.io

MomCo: MomCo is an app that offers a variety of services. Find the baby items you need, discover product recalls, track local mother events, connect with friends, get ideas for get-togethers and obtain exclusive deals, all in one download. momcoapp.com

Hello Mamas: Finding a mommy friend who is in the exact same stage of motherhood that you are can be a major challenge, but Hello Mamas makes this possible with its mom profile search. Find mothers with similar schedules, who live nearby and who share common interests. This app also reveals the percentage of things you have in common to help you evaluate your potential friend. hellomamas.com

Hey! Vina: Hey! Vina is an app designed for women to meet the circle of friends they’ve always dreamed of. Find mothers, business owners, women with common social interests and more to enhance your social time. vina.io

I Am Totally Pregnant: If you are still waiting on your bundle of joy but are looking for some moms to bond with, I Am Totally Pregnant is the app for you. Offering advice from other moms, 3-D imagery from your ultrasounds, locations of baby prep classes, helpful articles, the ability to post vlogs (video blogs) and, most importantly, introductions to mommy gal pals. iamtotally.com/pregnant


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