April 2016 Highlights

Kiddle is for Kids

By: Shannon Nichols

Kiddle.. Have you heard of it? Kiddle is a newly released visual search engine that is powered by Google Safe Search, but is not owned by them. Kiddle is a visual search engine that allows kids to safely search the internet without stumbling upon anything inappropriate.


Kiddle looks a lot like the interface of Google with its bright colors, but appeals to children with cute childlike graphics. The homepage displays a robot with a space like background that performs the search when a child types in a keyword or phrase.

Kiddle prioritizes the search for child readers. When the results are found based on the keyword that is typed a list of results along with photos appear for the child to start browsing. The photo helps out students that are just learning to read and will guide them to the correct page based on the keyword search.

Children can type in a keyword and search the web, for pictures, news, information, or even videos based on that keyword or phrase that they typed. Parents can request for additional words to be blocked based off of an inappropriate search that may have slipped through Kiddles blocked list. If you do in fact attempt to search for an inappropriate word you will get an “Oops, try again!” page. You will not see any content or pictures that go along with that inappropriate word or saying.

My boys have moved over to search on Kiddle for almost all needs now and they love it. It did take them a little bit of time to not just “OK Google” it, but once they got the hang of Kiddle they really liked it. I really enjoy the fact that they are safe and will not be seeing inappropriate content while I am in the laundry room folding their clothes.


shannon nichols

Shannon Nichols is the owner of Bright Tutoring. She finds her meaning in life to inspire children to become lifelong learners. Her passion for education and helping others is contagious. Shannon graduated from The University of Arizona in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree and continued her education at Northern Arizona University to attain her Secondary Teaching Certificate. She recently completed her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix, and has been committed to her own education advancements to assure that it transpires with each and every child that she works with. In her spare time, you will find Shannon and her family camping at local lakes or hiking the Sedona trails. She is also involved in numerous charity organizations and loves giving back to her North Phoenix community. As a former Wildcat, Shannon is always ready to “Bear Down” and take on the next adventure that is in front of her.

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