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Self-Defense 101: Keeping You & Your Kids Safe From Harm

Would your child know what to do when approached by a stranger who wished to do them harm? Would you or your teenage daughter know what to do if someone tried to grab either of you? Today’s world is full of scary situations and surroundings, so it is best for you and your family to be prepared in case of dangerous circumstances.

Self-defense skills are vital for so many reasons today and if taught, practiced and understood, they could help save a life. At Keene’s ATA, located in North Glendale, the focus is making sure these important abilities are part of their curriculum. But it isn’t just for their students, the school wants to make sure all kids in the valley and all young ladies and women get a chance to learn these skills.

In April, the studio will offer two special self-defense classes, open to the public. For children ages 5-11 the school is offering the Kidz N’ Power class. During this class, children will learn what to do in different scenarios when a stranger approaches them. The class will teach children how to behave, act and even fight to break away in case someone grabs them. Children can take these skills into the real world, and feel as though they are well-equipped to handle scary situations they may encounter.

Other potential targets for danger in today’s world are young ladies and women. That is why Keene’s ATA also offers a women’s self-defense clinic. During this two-hour class, women will learn joint manipulation, pressure point attacks, powerful strikes, blocks and controls. Program Director Ann Keene says these skills are invaluable in helping to keep women safe. “You never know what you might encounter when out and about,” says Keene. “This class will teach women how to feel confident about protecting themselves if and when they come across a dangerous situation or person. The skills we teach in this class can prevent harm and possibly save a life.”

The Kidz N Power class will be held on April 7th and the Women’s Self Defense class will be held April 28th. The Kidz N Power class is free to the public, but space is limited so make your reservation now. There is a charge of $49 per person for the Women’s Self Defense class. For more information and to sign up for either of these classes, call 623-561-5425 to sign up or go online to www.keenesata.com/events.

Written by: Gretchen Pahia

Gretchen Pahia

With more than 15 years valuable experience in both media and public relations, Gretchen Pahia is a wife and mother of two. Over the years, Gretchen has used her media and public relations skills at a variety of firms in the valley and is now principal and owner of Media by Connection. Gretchen is a firm believer that building lasting relationships with her clients is a strong background for achieving solid and visible results. She uses those same techniques at home with her family and boys. Keeping busy is her game, running around with two very active kids, who are growing bigger every day. Gretchen is a native to Arizona, born and raised here and a graduate of Northern Arizona University. She keeps active herself while enjoying running, working out, playing sports, watching movies with her husband!

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