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Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe

It’s the time of year again when our backyard pool becomes an oasis from the seemingly never-ending heat of summer.  Typically, very important water safety topics like how to prevent drownings and accidents around the pool are commonly discussed.  Often a neglected topic, which is equally important, is your pool’s water chemistry.

One of the biggest misconceptions is, “it smells like chlorine in my pool; my eyes are burning”. It’s not the chlorine that is making your eyes burn — it is something called a chloramine.  Chloramines are created by the reaction of chlorine with contaminants from bathers and the environment.  While most people would assume this is too much chlorine it is actually the opposite and you will need to add more chlorine to get rid of the chloramines.    

In addition to checking chlorine levels, a pool also needs proper water balance.  The harmony of pool water has many properties; pH, total alkalinity, temperature, cyanuric acid/stabilizer, calcium hardness, and total dissolved solids.  All of these factors play a part in what is considered truly balanced water.  Water that is not in balance can cause corrosion and/or etching of the pool and equipment.  It can also cause cloudy water and scaling on your pool tile and water features.

Just as it is important to keep proper amounts of sanitize, it’s also important to have the proper amount of circulation and filtration.  With a properly calibrated variable speed pump you can get even more circulation and filtration by running a variable speed pump longer at slower speeds. This creates better quality water using less energy and achieves healthy sanitary water.  Running your pump for only 3-4 hours in the summer is definitely not enough.  The goal of your pump is to circulate all of your pool water through your filter every 24 hours.

Regular maintenance is critical to check all your equipment is running properly and to make sure your water is properly balanced.  Repairs to your pool should be expected throughout the life of your equipment. You maintain your automobile through oil changes and tire rotations; pool equipment is the same thing.  The desert is a tough environment for pools and with our year round ability to use our pool, maintenance is essential.

Arizona Pool Keeper keeps pools up to date not only by making sure the water is properly balanced and equipment is maintained; but we also offer energy efficient solutions, alternative sanitizing systems like ozone and UV, and automation to control all of your pool equipment.  The new automation systems can be controlled via phone or tablet.  This allows us to monitor and maintain your pool’s circulation remotely from any location.  With proper circulation, water balance and equipment maintenance you can enjoy your backyard oasis year round.

Written by: Brian Koborg

Brian Koborg

Brian Koborg is the co-owner and founder of Arizona Pool Keeper. He has been taking care of pools for over 15 years and is highly accomplished in his line of work and prides himself on his knowledge of various types of equipment and water chemistry. Brian has been accredited by IPSSA, APSP, and CPO.

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