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Keep Summer Academic and Fun

By: Shannon Nichols

Our kids are about to be home full-time for the next 2 to 3 months. This can be a fun time, but also a time that you are constantly searching for new and fun things to do. How can we keep our kids academically engaged this summer? There is so much out there and so many things that are free too!

Stop #1: Your local library – MCLD of Arizona has so many great free programs. You can earn prizes by joining their summer reading program. You can even download ebooks from the library as well. mcldaz.org

Summer Fun

Stop #2: Your home kitchen. You can do so many things with your kids in your kitchen. You can teach them measurements while you bake some yummy cookies. You can teach them all about portion control and how to eat healthy by having them read ingredient content labels. Throw some rice on a cookie sheet and have your little ones practice shape or letter writing.

Stop #3: Your local hardware store. Stop and get the kids the paint sample sheets and create a slide rule site word game.

Stop #4: Your own kid’s rooms. If your kids rooms are anything like my boy’s room there is plenty to find in the endless bins that can be turned into academic fun.

  • Make a reading car parking lot with words on a poster board.
  • Create word sentences with picture and word cards on the back of an empty cereal box or cardboard.
  • Take an old soccer ball and put numbers on it and then play catch and have them add, subtract or multiply where their thumbs hit.
  • Create a sun dial out of a paper plate and popsicle stick.

Summer does not have to be stressful having the kids home. It can be a fun time for all involved and by using these fun free ideas you can keep you kids academically engaged while they are at home.


shannon nichols

Shannon Nichols is the owner of Bright Tutoring. She finds her meaning in life to inspire children to become lifelong learners. Her passion for education and helping others is contagious. Shannon graduated from The University of Arizona in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree and continued her education at Northern Arizona University to attain her Secondary Teaching Certificate. She recently completed her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix, and has been committed to her own education advancements to assure that it transpires with each and every child that she works with. In her spare time, you will find Shannon and her family camping at local lakes or hiking the Sedona trails. She is also involved in numerous charity organizations and loves giving back to her North Phoenix community. As a former Wildcat, Shannon is always ready to “Bear Down” and take on the next adventure that is in front of her.

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