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Keep Your Energy Up with New “Back to School” Strategies

When school finally lets out in May there is often a huge collective sigh. Finally some time to catch our breath and slow down during the summer. Now we approach a new school year. The start of this new year for students is a fresh start to do their best, achieve their goals, conquer those tough subjects. It is also a great time for moms and dads to look at what we’re doing to ensure we are setting ourselves up for success and have the energy to do so! With new school schedules wouldn’t it be nice to know what you can do to keep your energy up?

There are several things to consider to help you feel your best – be full of energy and strength. Adrenal fatigue is a common problem I see in my practice and is often the main culprit for feeling rundown and lacking energy. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and produce a variety of hormones. One of the hormones is cortisol which helps the body deal with stress. When we are over stressed, the adrenal glands are working overtime causing us to feel tired and rundown. Having your adrenal gland hormone production checked is an important first step. Next, there are nutrients that can support adrenal health that may give you a boost of energy. They are: B vitamins, licorice as an herb, ginseng and vitamin C. Consulting your Naturopathic doctor is recommended whenever starting a nutrient supplement.

Additionally, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and fiber is recommended. An unhealthy diet is the next major culprit I see when uncovering feelings of fatigue. Eating heavy meals full of rich carbohydrates, fatty meats, and alcohol will tax the digestion and cause you to feel tired. Instead, choose raw foods, avoid sugary items and eat frequently. Eating every 3-4 hours will help the blood sugar stabilize which also helps our energy levels.

In addition to paying attention to what you eat, monitoring your hydration level is the next most important thing that can help you feel better and have more energy. Dehydration can cause that afternoon slump and headaches for many people. Increasing the amount of water and non-sugary beverages will support your overall health and energy. However, be aware of the source of the water and choose filtered water whenever possible. If you drink water from a reverse osmosis filter make sure you add back some trace minerals (salts) because they are completely removed by that filtration process and necessary for the body’s health, and hydration.

Finally, while it sounds obvious, how much sleep are you getting? Start paying attention to when you go to sleep and ensure that your bed is as free as possible from distractions like phones, TV’s and screens. Similar to evaluating your daytime routine it is important to evaluate your bedtime and night routine to help you get the most restful sleep possible.

If you are looking for additional recommendations, a Naturopathic approach to evaluate your overall health may be just what you need.

Written by: Dr. Karampahtsis

Dr. Karampahtsis

Dr. Karampahtsis is a Naturopathic Doctor, Formulator and Founder of ProlifeStream. He has been in clinical practice for over a decade in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Karampahtsis holds a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM (Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine) in Tempe, Arizona. He is board certified from the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine (A4M) and specializes in hormone balancing, gastrointestinal health, weight management, and cancer care.

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