Highlights October 2017

Hot Summer Buying Season in the Valley

The traditionally busy summer selling season is coming to a close in Phoenix. Between May and end of July 2017, 26,885 homes sold in Phoenix. In the same period in summer 2016, 25,167 homes were sold. That is an increase of more than 1,700 homes, which is a great thing for home buyers and sellers. Even better for sellers across the valley, the median sales price of homes is up 6.4% over 2016, which translates to more money in your pocket.

All of this news means a lot of people were moving, and a lot of people were buying, some for the very first time. During the peak buying/selling season, local real estate expert, Opendoor, sold hundreds of homes to excited buyers. Due to the number of people making moves, Opendoor was able to pinpoint current trends of buyers.

In summer 2017, the numbers show buyers were most focused on six-things when they went to close the deal on their new home. If you are looking for a new home in the near future- here is a look at those six items that buyers are craving:

  • HVAC. Phoenix buyers want a home’s HVAC system to be cleaned and serviced prior to closing, and a warranty that covers it.
  • Roof. Buyers want an older roof replaced, a newer roof inspected and repaired, and they’re asking for a statement of repairs.
  • Pool Service. If the home has a pool, buyers don’t want to close until the pool has been serviced and cleaned. They’re also asking for replaced/repaired pool lights, anti-vortex drains for children’s safety, and pool cleaners in full working order.
  • Water Heaters. Phoenix buyers look closely at a home’s water heater. If they’re functioning fine, they want a warranty. If a water heater is close to ‘end of life,’ they want a new one.
  • Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems: Buyers look very closely at these systems and want them to be functioning and in working order.
  • Termites. Treatment and warranties for homes were very common this summer.

These trends set great expectations for both buyers who may be looking for a new home, and homeowners who may be looking at their current home and wondering what they need to pay special attention to and repair before they consider selling.

Written by: Gretchen Pahia

Jennifer Solomon

With more than 15 years valuable experience in both media and public relations, Gretchen Pahia is a wife and mother of two. Over the years, Gretchen has used her media and public relations skills at a variety of firms in the valley and is now Principal and owner of Media by Connection. Gretchen is a firm believer that building lasting relationships with her clients is a strong background for achieving solid and visible results. She uses those same techniques at home with her family and boys. Keeping busy is her game, running around with two very active kids, who are growing bigger every day. Gretchen is a native to Arizona, born and raised here and a graduate of Northern Arizona University. She keeps active herself while enjoying running, working out, playing sports, and watching movies with her husband!

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