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At-Home Tech Hacks

Many believe that technology makes life easier. Our phones, computers and tablets can virtually do it all, simplifying the simplest of tasks. There are times, however, that technology can work against you.

With so much that can be done, sometimes these devices can get to be overwhelming. As the owner of Marcus Networking Inc., I’ve learned many tech hacks over the years that will make working and organizing much easier!

Separate cables and cords with zip ties
Behind-the-desk cables can become a tangled mess almost immediately, so use these inexpensive tools to keep everything organized and tidy! Simply tie one around multiple cables horizontally, and then separate each with a tie in between.

Get back to the Apple TV home screen…quickly!
Have you ever found yourself searching for something to watch at home and realized you were 30 menus deep? Well, you’re not alone, but instead of clicking the menu button on the remote a bunch of times to get back to the Apple TV home screen, just long-press the button instead. Now you can avoid getting the dreaded thumb-cramp!

Easily close an account online
AccountKiller avoids the painful process of searching for the option to close an account. Accountkiller.com  gives step-by-step guides on how to delete accounts on popular websites. It takes the pain out of searching.

Amplify your phone’s speakers with a cup
Cell phones don’t always have the loudest sound systems, and if you want to turn up your favorite song you might find out it still isn’t loud enough. Find any dry cup or bowl and pop your phone in there to get louder sound! The speakers are naturally amplified any time you stick your phone inside something hollow. Make sure to put the device in speaker side down.

Straws keep broken computer chargers usable
Chargers get a lot of use and tend to break easily. Getting a new one every few months can run you more than $20 a pop. If the casing on your cord is losing connection, you can fix it with shrink tubing. Carefully cut two small pieces of shrink wrap tubing that are 1.25 inches long. Shrink the tubing by holding it over a lighter. Be sure not to hold the lighter too close. Prefer not to use a lighter? Try using a blow dryer instead.

Written By: Eric Marcus


Eric Marcus

Eric Marcus is the CEO of Marcus Networking Inc. The locally-owned business is based in Tempe. Marcus Networking currently serves clients in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Canada. The company represents a variety of industries such as medical and legal, manufacturing and retail, produce and finance, schools and nonprofits. To find out more information about Marcus Networking visit online at marcusnetworking.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/MarcusNetworking.


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