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Historic Design Elements to Add into New Home

Old homes have character and charm that didn’t happen by chance. Adding historic features into a new home brings a delicate elegance without sacrificing modern efficiencies. Old world style is a mixed breed, drawing from the spectrum of design elements that spanned 16th- and 17th-century Europe.

You can customize your dream home with beautiful built-in features including grand windows, a classic bookcase or cozy breakfast nook to embody an old-world ambiance.

  • Windows
    Frame your views with breathtaking, floor-to-ceiling windows. The larger and more detailed the better. For added depth, incorporate grid panes into the frame.
  • Sky-high ceilings
    When you have stunning, soaring ceilings throughout beyond the foyer or great room, a home’s interior appears more elegant, airy and expansive feel throughout the interior.
  • Fireplaces
    Having a fireplace in your home adds extra warmth, coziness and glamour. Before interior heating systems, fireplaces were dispersed through the home out of necessity during the cold months. Integrate some striking hearths throughout your new-build to bring classic, warm character. You can add one in the kitchen, bathroom or go ultra-luxe with a fireplace in the master suite.
  • Walk-in pantry
    Expansive and sophisticated storage spaces like the butler’s pantry will never go out of style. Build a spacious, awe-inspiring pantry just off of the kitchen.
  • Elaborate walls
    Instead of having simple walls, select swoon-worthy trim. Thick, handmade molding and trim like the popular crown molding or shadowbox, are characteristics that make older homes special.
  • Bookshelves
    Old homes are typically known for closed floor plans. There are benefits to having specific rooms such as a sophisticated and traditional home library. It adds a characteristic space in your new home and a place where you can focus without distraction.
  • Wood beams
    Say goodbye to out-of-date popcorn ceilings and hello to a ceiling design with wood beams for a natural, warm touch in your home. Wood brings a sense of character and sophistication into a home that other materials like drywall don’t have the same design features.
  • Colors
    The tones are deep and rich but muted for a timeworn effect. Colors associated with historic designs include burgundy, navy, forest green, ocher and cream. The combination of finishes can range from dark-stained surfaces to painted, glazed and sanded finishes that mimic years of use.
  • Finesse detailing
    Elaborate carved woodwork, scrolled metal pieces and embellished furniture carry historic elegance. Incorporate details like finials, corbels, medallions and other finishing touches to pull a room together.

Written by: Erik Tinker

Erik Tinker

Erik Tinker is the CEO of Tinker Development, a team of committed experts that specializes in custom and spec home building. As a family-owned company founded in 2012, Tinker Development strives to excel in the focus of deadline, budget, and, most importantly, quality. For more information please visit,

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