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Beating Blood Test Jitters

Whether giving blood for a test or a donation, no one really likes needles. And, when it’s time for our child to have a blood draw, the experience can be scary.

With blood tests becoming more and more common, it is important to know how to help create a calm environment for your child.

So why are blood draws necessary?

Blood tests can help doctors evaluate how well the body is working and diagnose conditions and diseases. Common screening recommendations for children include tests for obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, lead poisoning, tuberculosis, iron deficiency, anemia and high blood pressure.

What can I do to make my child more comfortable?

A few simple actions can make your child feel more comfortable. Tips we have for making your child’s blood test experience go smoothly include:

  1. Staying calm.

It is important that parents remain calm before, during and after the blood sampling process. Kids often internalize and mimic the moods of their parents. If you look or act nervous your child will mirror those attitudes.

  1. Bringing a friend, relative or stuffed animal.

The presence of another person, or even a favorite stuffed animal can help children relax during their blood test.

  1. Having a distraction, like a book or screen

Reading a book out loud or letting your child watch their favorite show on a tablet can help distract them from the procedure. It will also help keep their eyes off of the procedure when it is happening.

  1. Talking it over beforehand

Some kids aren’t frightened by having their blood drawn. Talking honestly about the procedure can help prepare them for what to expect and keep them brave while it’s happening.

  1. Use a Kid-Friendly Lab

The number one recommendation experts give is to use a kid-friendly lab. Using a kid-friendly lab helps deliver a painless and stress-free blood sample.

Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s leading provider of diagnostic laboratory testing, recently opened its first Patient Service Center focused on pediatric care. Centrally located in Phoenix, the lab is focused on providing an experience tailored to making pediatric patients feel more comfortable and relaxed when having their samples collected.

Providing care to pediatric patients often requires special procedures and techniques because children are not always aware of what is being done and why. The specially trained pediatric phlebotomists at Sonora Quest are trained to maximize comfort while ensuring proper sampling.

Young patients are often nervous about getting their blood drawn. By providing a kid-friendly environment, Sonora Quest is helping to make this process as stress free as possible for patient and family.

Next time your child is due for a blood test, remember these quick and simple tips for making your experience comfortable and easy.

Written by: Christina Noble, Sonora Quest Laboratories

Christina Noble leads the customer experience and growth teams across the Enterprise Integrated Network, fostering best-in-class customer engagement and experience and a culture of award-winning innovation. Her responsibilities encompass leading overall customer experience, empowering market readiness across all business segments, business development and innovation strategy and governance, payer relationship management, market branding and PR strategy, as well as business analytics solutions development and commercialization.

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