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Where Healthcare is Heading in 2018: Affordable Options for All Families

The prognosis for federal healthcare policy in 2018 is looking bleak—premiums and deductibles are on the rise and fewer benefits are being offered—making quality healthcare increasingly less attainable for working class families.

But there is hope.

Congress is focused on how we pay for healthcare. However, if they want to fix the problem, they need to focus on how much we overpay for healthcare. The Congressional tax bill recently passed keeps the mandate on employers to provide healthcare and eliminates the individual mandate. Unfortunately, they did nothing to insure greater transparency of cost or the elimination of overcharging, waste, fraud and abuse. This is left up to you, the consumer.

There is a better way that can save you money, increase your access to healthcare, and stop overpricing, waste and abuse that exists in your care. Arizona is one of 14 states that allows consumers to purchase primary healthcare directly from a provider. Buying care directly from a provider avoids unnecessary expenditures that arise from administrative waste and gives you better access to care.

For just $105 a month, Redirect Health offers individuals access to unlimited primary care and chiropractic visits with $0 copay and no deductible. Included in the benefits are 24/7/365 access to a provider by phone and the centralization of your medical records so they are available wherever you are in the world. And when you have healthcare needs outside of primary care and chiropractic, Redirect Health helps you get the best service at a fair price.

For more information on direct primary care, visit ieverydaycare.com.

Written by: Paul Johson

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is co-founder and CEO of Redirect Health. He helps oversee operations and identifies new opportunities that support the company’s efforts to offer employers affordable, high-quality healthcare. He also served as Mayor of Phoenix from 1990 to 1994.

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