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Hair & Make-Up Trends for 2019

Hair and make-up trends are going to be shaking things up a bit in the new year. Starting with New Year’s 2018, keep your look all about Glam!  Metallica’s, Glitter and bling are all the rage during New Year’s, and let’s not forget about the Highlighter!  Do it while you can because were changing things up a bit for 2019.  So when considering taking back that new Makeup Palette that Aunt Sally got you, think about what will be trending this Spring/Summer 2019 for Hair and Makeup.

Let’s take it back to the basics a bit for 2019, with some Matte Skin and Color-Blocking.  Matte Finish is back for Foundation paired with the return of Bronzer.  For more Mature skin, stick with a slight Dewey finish to help diminish fine lines.

For the eyes, you should expect a subtle liner trend. Muted liners and bolder but pastel shadows.  For example, place a wash of green on the lid with yellow or pink shadow smudge, under the eye.  This is permission for the ladies to play with your pastels and brights! But smudge and smolder under eye and go light on liner. Brows are back, big, bold and bushy.  Virgin brows are back, but ladies don’t mistake this for not keeping your brows groomed.  Fuller, bushier, but well-groomed brows will be seen for spring/summer 2019.

Lips have been all about the pout for a while now and it is not going anywhere soon.  Using color that is lighter and frosted on the bottom lip to give a plumping effect then cover it with gloss.  This will mute down the lip stick color but give you a great pout on the bottom lip. This can be accomplished with lip shades you have now, find a similar color in a frost and play up your pout. But statement lips are a rage with colors like Intense Raspberry on the run way paired with a subtle eye.  One of my NEW FAVS,  Aquaphor for lips by far surpasses Chapstick and Burt Bees in my opinion, and I have chronic dry lips. It’s a must have in my make up bag.

Moving on to Hair, Ladies we are in a time of easy made sleek.  Long braids are in for you lushes locks wearers, but make it sleek and shiny. Sleek beautiful hair, is back and it will be big this spring and summer.  Our down looks are soft movable curls that are more like wave than curl but less mess then the previous Boho Styles that have been seen on the runway prior. More of an “undone Glamor” looks.

With more sleek hair styles, walking the runway were sure to see this trend in real life.  Another big trend for 2019 will be hair accessories.  Bows, Clips, Bling barrettes, headbands, scarfs, and even Flowers all rock the Spring/Summer trends for 2019.

Rounding out the last trend for 2019, is one of my Favorites thus, far……… are you ready for this???

“FREAKLES” yes, folks you heard me correctly, looks on the run way included faux freckles.  So all of us freckle owners, who hate our natural skin.  OWN IT because this is a trend that might not come back around again.

Last but not least would be fashion, colors for 2019. According to Pantone Color Institute’s, Fashion Color Trend Report. We have colors such as Fiesta, Turmeric, Living Coral, Pink Peacock and Jester Red rounding out the Top 5.  Spring/Summer looks are bold color with sleek hair, with a touch of fun playing with hair accessories.

Written by: Ann Hughes, Modern Muse Salon

Ann Hughes

Ann Hughes is the owner of Modern Muse Salon in Glendale, AZ. She has been a hair stylist and makeup artist for 19 years. Hair is one of her passions and offering her clients quick helpful solutions to help keep your hair at its healthiest possible always great way to make sure my clients have great hair.

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